Championing the purpose of Technology- Mr.Sudhir Jaiswal, PRESIDENT- ESSPL


ESSPL is a leading software development company in India, specializing in Supply Chain and Logistics. They have extensive experience in creating, testing, and maintaining software solutions designed to increase productivity, profitability, and supply chain logistics planning. They have extensive knowledge of all facets of supply chain logistics. They provide specialized Managed Services for Managed EDI, Automated Invoice Reconciliation, and business analytics. Their knowledge of technology extends to the Java family of tools, including J2EE and Struts, and the Microsoft family of tools, including .NET, and SharePoint.

We are conversing with such a stalwart who has generously contributed his ideas to bring  ESSPL to the next level and has also offered social values in technology. Mr. Sudhir Jaiswal, CEO, and President- ESSPL.

In the last two decades of their operations, they have always worked towards being the Partner to their customer rather than just a vendor. They help and guide their customers for the best possible outcome within the boundaries of their business priorities. Technology is their central competence, but their supply chain domain knowledge is what differentiates them from the rest. They are large enough to be entrusted by companies to address their enterprise-scale complexities, yet small enough to remain flexible and agile to their customized needs. This has been one of the reasons why they could able successfully and meaningfully maintain long-term engagements with many of their customers to date.

Through specialized technical knowledge in the disciplines of automation, optimization, and visibility intelligence, the team consciously works toward bringing visible values across the spectrum of organizations in the retail, manufacturing, and logistics industries. They are fostering the development of a new generation of more intelligent digital workers through the use of RPA, EDI Integrations, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, chatbots, IoT, and other cognitive technologies.


As we know some people might think that work culture is a natural phenomenon that cannot be “engineered.”   The phrase “culture is to an organization what personality is to an individual” is a succinct approach, to sum up, workplace culture.

Employee engagement and open culture have been the cornerstone of ESSPL’s culture from the company’s beginnings. They strive to build lasting relationships and see themselves as their customers’ extended arm and partner. They take pride in the fact that they have been working with some of the biggest supply chain clients for almost 20 years. In addition to delivery, they have a specialized solutions team that collaborates directly with sales to comprehend business dynamics and client needs and to provide technology ideas, solutions, and Proofs-of-Concept to increase order values.

We continue to be adaptable and responsive to our client’s specific requirements. We have decades of expertise providing IT services to the logistics and supply chain sector. Because of our knowledge of our customer’s businesses and the challenges they encounter, we are continually working to develop ideas and solutions that will benefit them. Mr. Jaiswal Conveys.


Recently UTKARSH the new global delivery center was inaugurated in June 2022. The development of better talent for the future and the acquisition of more talent from the city have been two primary components of Utkarsh.

Mr. Sudhir says, it is an essential step in advancing our enlarged business plan and has a seating capacity of more than 300 developers. To assist our objective to move beyond technological services and produce off-the-shelf solutions for a specific supply chain audience operating in the global market, it will offer cutting-edge facilities and ergonomics to our developers. Being a local business with a worldwide perspective and a history of cultural awareness and social responsibility, we created the UTKARSH facility as a LEED registered green building project with the highest grade possible—LEED Platinum—from the GBCI, India.

For our clients, the new infrastructure will undoubtedly extend the best-in-class IT capabilities into the project execution process and provide significantly enhanced IT security, communication, and collaboration. We have paid particular attention to maintaining the infrastructure’s improved physical data security.


Bhubaneswar is expected to become a data centre hub as well as an IT hub, according to our honorable chief minister Naveen Patnaik. Today, data is increasingly valued as money. Data intelligence is increasingly used to inform business choices. On the other hand, as organizations depend more and more on data, its security, control, and privacy are becoming increasingly important.

Mr. Jaiswal contends that the Odisha government has been very proactive and shown foresightedness towards improving both the policies as well as IT ecosystem. We are a global technology company with local roots and we are proud to be representing it in a small way.


Businesses have been cautious since Covid’s founding and have concentrated on cost control, team consolidation, and reorganization. But as time went on, businesses realized they needed to transition to the digital world to protect their operations.

Early on, ESSPL was able to identify this trend and started cultivating relationships with leaders in the field, including Automation Anywhere in RPA and Boomi in IPaaS platforms. Additionally, we established particular COEs within the company where abilities and competencies are being built, taught, and used. However, the “Big Resignation” trend is a significant concern for the whole industry, not just for us. Lateral hiring’s TAT has significantly increased. A market correction will surely occur, but for the time being, we must deal with it. Adds, Mr. Jaiswal.

Therefore, as a strategy in addition to lateral recruitment, they are putting more of an emphasis on developing and training talents just out of college. As they can become productive much more quickly with the correct instruction and set of guidelines.


Mr. Sudhir believes that they are heading into an interesting phase where businesses are realizing the greater need for technology adoption to meet the personalized user experience that the end customers are demanding. There is an increasing growth in online and digital transactions both at the B2B and B2C levels.

It will be an era of Smarter Technologies that can better understand the user context and provide personalized intelligence. AI-based Chatbots will be integrated with the social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Google Chat and allow users to use Natural Language to request or command real-time information, the NPL cognitive engines will translate these user requests into system commands and invoke RPA bots to carry out the operations or query information from the backend Enterprise systems and the results will be given back to the users anytime anywhere beyond the organizational boundaries.

Technologies like RPA(Robotic Process Automation), Chatbots, AI( Artificial Intelligence), AR(Augmented Reality), and, Machine Learning are already here; the future, I see, will be for the Intelligent Enterprise Integrations that will allow the creation of a new the breed of the digital workforce.

INTERVIEWED & WRITTEN BY- Mr. Charan Singh & Prisita Das

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