“Chasing Entrepreneurial Dreams’’, Ranabir Kumar Dey, MD, INDUSTECH

State Leadership Awards- “Chasing Entrepreneurial Dreams’’, Ranabir Kumar Dey, MD, INDUSTECH

An engineer by training having graduated from the University College of Engineering, Burla (now VSS University of Technology), Mr. Ranabir Kumar Dey nursed an entrepreneurial dream and employ hundreds of skilled people of Odisha. The dream turned true on January 3, 2012, when he founded IESPL, a private limited company and registered under the Companies Act.

“Chasing Entrepreneurial Dreams’’, Ranabir Kumar Dey, MD, INDUSTECH
“Chasing Entrepreneurial Dreams’’, Ranabir Kumar Dey, MD, INDUSTECH

Since childhood, Mr Dey has invariably been the best when it came to academics. After successfully accomplishing his BTech, he underwent an in-house PG Management Programme for one year conducted by KIMS. In both the professional educational programs, Ranabir Kumar Dey came out as triumphant by procuring great results. Therefore since childhood, he was determined enough to have a flourishing professional life ahead. 

After concluding his academic tenure, Mr. Ranabir Kumar Dey served in the state government and Private Multinational Companies for more than 30 years. In his official career, Mr. Dey procured shells of knowledge and expertise in areas of Strategy & Planning, Product Marketing, and Project Execution for Water Supply, Fire Fighting, DSS & Small Hydro Power, etc. During his official tenure, hard work, perseverance, commitment, and the zeal to be better every day, made Mr. Dey one of the most esteemed candidates in the organization.

However, the vision of becoming an entrepreneur never perished in the heart and mind of Ranabir Kumar Dey. Therefore, along with his business partner Mr.Pritam Parida, Mr. Dey finally commenced his own organization Industech on January 3, 2012. This year on January 16, the company observed its 9th anniversary in the propinquity of distinguished dignitaries from diverse fields. 

“Chasing Entrepreneurial Dreams’’, Ranabir Kumar Dey, MD, INDUSTECH
“Chasing Entrepreneurial Dreams’’, Ranabir Kumar Dey, MD, INDUSTECH

With firm determination, proficient vision, and mission backed with years of experience, Mr Ranabir Kumar Dey took Industech to elevated heights within a short span of time. Today, his company has a turnover of Rs 35 crores, with five branch offices and more than 35 employees. For Mr. Dey, Industech is his most precious child for whom he plans significant operations and strives to deliver prosperity.

Mr. Ranabir Kumar Dey conjectures the significance of employees in his organization. He is a firm devotee in the fact that employees are the dependences of a company. Without employees, an organization will fail to achieve even one percent of success. Therefore, Mr. Dey always adjudicates to keep his employees satisfied by paying them salary on time, providing each one with lucrative incentives, and promoting employees regularly based on performance and results.

Over the years, INDUSTECH has merited the best hydraulic solution provider’s honor for any critical applications to all its valued Customers such as NTPC, NALCO, IOCL-Paradip, and many more reputed firms. Ranabir Kumar Dey is a man on a mission. He foresees enormous growth of Industech in the next few years. Therefore, he plans to focus on the company’s substantial growth & join the Rs 100 crore MSME CLUB by 2026 or earlier positively.

Image Source- Industech

Story By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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