Chasing Likes, Ignoring Lives: The Heart-Stopping Tale of a Fort’s Edge and a Reckless Stunt

by Joyeeta Bej



In a recent incident that has captured the attention and concern of the public, a viral video surfaced showing a girl precariously hanging from the edge of a fort, held only by the hand of her companion, a boy standing on solid ground. This dangerous act, performed at a historic fort in India, was intended for social media clout but has sparked a heated debate about the boundaries of online fame and public safety.


Incident Details and Severity


The video, published by India Today, quickly gained traction across various social media platforms, drawing millions of views and widespread condemnation. The fort, a popular tourist destination, witnessed this reckless stunt that could have easily resulted in a fatal accident. The girl, suspended mid-air with no safety measures in place, relied solely on the grip of the boy. One slip, and the consequences would have been catastrophic. This incident highlights a growing trend of performing perilous stunts for the sake of viral fame, disregarding the potential risks involved.


Public and Government Reaction


The public reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, with many expressing outrage over the couple’s blatant disregard for safety. Social media platforms are flooded with comments criticizing the duo for setting a dangerous precedent for impressionable viewers. Parents, educators, and safety advocates have voiced their concerns about the influence such videos might have on young individuals, potentially encouraging them to mimic these hazardous acts.

The government has also taken a stern stance on the matter. Authorities have launched an investigation to identify the couple and hold them accountable for their actions. There are calls for strict legal measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The Indian Ministry of Tourism, responsible for maintaining the fort, has reiterated the importance of safety regulations and warned against any activities that jeopardize the well-being of visitors and the preservation of historic sites.


Punishment and Legal Implications


Legal experts argue that the couple could face charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including endangerment of life, public nuisance, and trespassing, if they violated specific rules regarding access to restricted areas of the fort. If found guilty, they could face hefty fines and potential imprisonment. Such punitive measures are deemed necessary to send a strong message that reckless behavior, especially in public and historically significant spaces, will not be tolerated.


Concerns and Reasons


The primary concern is the increasing tendency among young people to engage in life-threatening activities for social media validation. The quest for online fame has driven many to push boundaries without considering the consequences. Experts warn that the glorification of such acts can lead to a dangerous cycle where more individuals attempt similar or even more hazardous stunts to garner attention.


Precautions and Preventive Measures


To prevent such incidents, it is crucial to implement stricter regulations at tourist sites, including enhanced surveillance and penalties for non-compliance with safety guidelines. Social media platforms must also play a proactive role by promptly removing content that promotes dangerous behavior and providing clear guidelines on prohibited activities. Educating the public, particularly the youth, about the risks associated with such stunts and the importance of responsible social media use is imperative.



The viral video of the girl hanging from the fort’s edge is a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with the pursuit of social media fame. The incident has sparked a necessary conversation about the need for stringent regulations, public awareness, and responsible behavior online. As authorities move forward with legal proceedings, it remains to be seen what lasting impact this case will have on curbing such perilous actions in the future. Ultimately, it underscores the message that reel crimes can indeed be as grave as real ones and must be met with appropriate consequences.

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