China Russia Integrated For Linear Matrix

China Russia Integrated For Linear Matrix

After years of distrust among the two neighbours, the Sino Russian partnership seems to be on an upward trend. Some recent developments seem to be indicative of growing strategic convergence between Russia and China.


China-Russia trade has been doubled to 108$ in recent times.

China has reached beyond Germany as the principal supplier of industrial plant and technology.

Russia’s central bank increased its Chinese currency reserves which are less than one to 13% underlying the growing volume of the bilateral trade between the two countries.

Russia and China currently signed a 400$ deal yo supply gas to China along an 1800 miles long pipeline known as the power of Siberia for 30 years.


Russia and China have exhibited coordinated actions in the UNSC.

Their common strategic interests have led to joint activities with third countries such as Iran.


They have been concluding increasingly sophisticated joint military exercises.

The supply of the s-400 missile system to China by Russia is touted as an example of the budding strategic alliance.

Common threat

Falling of oil prices and fear of new sanctions on Russian gas supplies is compelling Russians to depend on the Chinese demand.


 Despite the deepening of relations, it is indicating a growing strategic convergence where the connection may face some difficulty.

Final note

Now, there exists a state of matter for India to reassume its relationship with Russia.

  • Examining the current contradictions in the Russia-China relations, India can supply suitable alternative avenues for the foundation for strong Russia-India relationship.
  • India needs to ensure that China is not the principal factor in its relations with Russia.
  • A strategic partnership with Russia will be based on the absence of fundamental conflicts of interest and shared support for a multipolar order as against a Sino-U.S. bipolar order must be the way forward.
Written By- Mousami jena
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