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Chinese superstar Lin Dan calls it a day

Chinese superstar Lin Dan calls a day

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By Sobhan Garnaik

Lin Dan, apparently the best badminton player of the 21st century, has declared his retirement from the game. The 37-year-old, who won two Olympic golds and five World titles, bossed men’s singles badminton for about a decade, has won all the game’s significant titles. 

It implies that 36-year-old Lin Dan, who won gold at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Games, will not compete at the Tokyo Olympics, which were pushed again from 2020 to the following summer due to the coronavirus pandemic

“I’ve dedicated everything to the sport I love. My family, coaches, teammates, and fans have accompanied me through many happy times and difficult moments,” wrote Lin Dan on China’s Twitter-like Weibo. 

“Now I’m 37 years old, and my physical fitness and pain no longer allow me to fight side by side with my teammates. I am looking forward to hearing the Chinese national anthem playing repeatedly and seeing more old looks and fresh faces make it to the podium. No one can stay young forever, but there are always young people out there, being passionate and fighting forward.”,” he added.

In addition to the fact that he is a badminton legend in China, yet additionally one of the nation’s most iconic sports figures from the past two decades. The left-hand shuttler charmed numerous with his relentless dedication, undying spirit, and battle on the court

Chinese superstar Lin Dan calls it a day 1

The former Olympian was brash and unorthodox, unusual for Chinese athletes, had something of a “terrible kid” notoriety during his more youthful days and has several tattoos, ends with 666 singles wins and a glut of medals. The champion also earned the moniker “Super Dan” at the pinnacle of his career.

As a whole, we felt Lin Dan was at his best in the high voltage games and was such a player who saved his best for the best moments. In a multi-year period, someplace in 2006 and 2014, he won practically every significant trophy, if there ever was.

The celebrated shuttler’s friendship and rivalry with Malaysian legend Lee Chong Wei were considered by numerous fans as the best ever. They had their first encounter at the Olympics men’s singles last in 2008 in Beijing when Lin pulled out his best version to win.

After four years at the 2012 London Olympics, they went head to head again in the final, and Lin pipped Lee by two points in the decisive game to turn into the first-ever defending Olympic badminton men’s singles champion.

21-year-old Ace Shuttler Rutaparna Panda, who is also the first women player from the state of Odisha, said, “It was the Asain Games in 2018 when I first saw Lin Dan, his accuracy was at the very best, even though he was in the attacking mode most of the times. That’s something only legends like him can make it to perfection. He is an inspiration to many, including me, and by all due respect to other players- he is the greatest badminton player of all the time. Of course, there will be an eerie sense of disappointment when such people say bid adieu to the game- but time goes on. I wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.”

What made Lin Dan so great? 

An exceptional mix of intelligent gameplay, innovation, and physical prowess. Above all else, numerous players and mentors have expressed that Lin Dan’s most prominent weapon was his psychological mettle.

He plays quiet and stays concentrated, paying little heed to the significance of the purpose of the competition. He doesn’t let game 1 or 2 loses influence him going ahead, and big points don’t shake him.  

Chinese superstar Lin Dan calls it a day 2

The 2011 World Championship finals was an incredible model that rings a bell. On game three, Lee Chong Wei lost two match points in light of the fact that he let the event get to his head and went for the triumphant smash too soon.

You’ll see this would actually how Lin Dan saves the first match point. LCW quickly goes for a smash which Lin Dan effectively shields, and counterattacks to win.

Subsequently, he was additionally bold enough to push for a tight net shot when it could’ve cost him the title, something I don’t think any player can do, and LCW didn’t anticipate that he could do. 

Chinese superstar Lin Dan calls it a day 3

Clearly, his physical ability shouldn’t be questioned, as we have watched many of his matches and struggle produce even one moment where it seemed as though he was in physical trouble.

Anyway, since he got more seasoned, he has been astoundingly acceptable in utilizing his shot precision and insight to compensate for the difference in his build among him and the more youthful players

Throughout the year’s different coaches have expressed that there are different players in the international circuit (not simply singles) that surpass him in things like deception, footwork, stamina, and physique, and even offensive and defensive capabilities.

Nonetheless, I accept that it’s anything but a solitary factor, however a mix of different things that make Lin Dan the legend he is.

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  1. Still i remember his weaped face after the lose against lee chong wei in Olympics 2008 was held his own country.
    Spectacular work soban bhayya,you are succeded in depicting every nook and cranny of his eventful life.

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Still i remember his weaped face after the won against world no1 lee chong wei in Olympics 2008 was held his own country.
    Spectacular work soban bhayya,you are succeded in depicting every nook and cranny of his eventful life.


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