Clash between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh over farmer’s protest turns ugly


Kangana Ranaut is now embroiled in controversy. She has been in the news for a controversial post on social media. She is always in the spotlight for one reason or another. Kangana Ranaut, who usually targets Bollywood, is getting slammed by Punjabi actors. Kangana recently tweeted about the peasant movement that is being disliked by Punjabi industry. Her feud with superstar Diljit Dosanjh has been seen on social media. Later, Himanshi Khurana and Mika Singh also targeted Kangana.
Kangana Ranaut supported the Farm Bill in her tweet. She targeted an elderly woman who took part in the agitation, which was followed by dissatisfaction with Punjabi artist Diljit Dosanjh. Now the controversy is escalating.

Singer Mika Singh was also seen dissatisfied by Kangana’s behavior. “I had a lot of respect for Kangana Ranaut in my mind,” he tweeted, sharing a photo of the elderly woman. “Even when her office was vandalized, I tweeted in support of her. Now I think I was wrong. As a woman, she should respect an older woman. Kangana should apologize if she has any civilization. Kangana should be ashamed.” he added.
Singer-actor Jasbir Jassi is also targeting Kangana. “Dear Kangana Ranaut, our country was right and will be right. I urge you to leave Twitter thinking about the betterment of the country. The country is not doing well because of the hatred factory you are running and tweeting to mislead. If you love the country a little bit, delete your Twitter now.” he tweeted. There are also many Bollywood celebrities who have supported the farmers and raised their voices against Kangana.

Image Source : Twitter

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