Clash In Jharpada Jail: Odisha: Authorities Seeks Permission To Shift 20 Inmates

After a critical clash in jharpada jail in Bhubaneswar, the prison authorities sought the permission of govt to shift 2o inmates to other jail.


Bhubaneswar:  When a critical clash took place in Jharpada jail the Odisha Authorities  has sought permission to shift 20 inmates on Thursday. DG (Prisons) say permission has been sought to shift 20 inmates, including Chakara and Sambhu of Jharpada jail to some other jail.

The DG (Prisons) further reportedly mentioned that negligence on part of the Jharpada jail authorities has been identified and the inquiry report has already been sent to the Home department. A special force  of Bhubaneswar Commissionerate Police has conducted raids in Jharpada jail of the capital city of Odisha. The raid has been conducted following a group clash between the inmates.


Sources spoke how , a Clash In Jharpada Jail erupted between Chakradhar Barik group and Shambhunath Barik group on Tuesday. In the clash .Also it was stated that  Shambhunath Barik was severely injured and was rushed to the Capital Hospital.


Reports stated that the gangs have been involved in drug dealing. There was conflict about drug trade in the jail. The superintendent of prison Lakshmi Sagar has informed the police station. Reports suggest that the fight ensued after a mobile was found in the jail. Further investigation into the matter is underway. More details awaited. a group of criminals attacked an inmate in Khurda Jail, suspecting him to be a police informer. A case has been registered against seven people in the Khurda town police station.


Suspecting that he was informing the police about the incident of finding a mobile from the jail, another inmate attacked him. Nine cell phones  were recovered from the convicts who were already caught and they were  involved with the Criminal activities priorly.


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