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Corona Warriors Rising Above Self

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By Somanath Sahu

Corona warriors have displayed exemplary selflessness, contributing profoundly in the country’s efforts to tame the virulent Covid pandemic.

One of the appellations of Hanuman is sankata mochan (one who relieves you from trouble). That is the way most of us have appreciated all those who have come to our aid during the havoc caused by COVID-19.

First came the doctors, nurses, ward boys, pathologists, pharmacists et al. As stricter norms came to be implemented, the policemen came to the fore.

With the lockdown, the providers of essential supplies made their presence felt: milk, vegetables, groceries, newspaper, water, electricity, telecommunication and banking among others.

More or less like the various stages of the journey of coronavirus, the list of corona warriors also expanded. Thus, suddenly, a large number of organisations and individuals jumped into the fray and there was a fair bit of mixing and cross-fertilization of roles.

Thus, the policemen started supplying rations and medicines, the postmen started delivering cash and essential commodities, railway coaches turned into isolation wards and the media started awareness campaigns and gave other assistance to the affected persons.

It is unfortunate that a few of these corona warriors have risked their lives in service of those very persons who had attacked them. Again, in some cities, the newspaper delivery warriors are not being allowed to engage in the battle.

Hanuman, when asked to bring sanjivani booty from the Himalayas, pulled out an entire mountain range in order not to miss the herb. The decennial census style door-to-door survey, backed by medical check-up of suspected cases, has recently been launched in some states.

To stall community transmission, community testing, rather than random sampling, has to become the order of the day. Green shoots are emerging, expecting a good harvest!


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