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COVID-19 Negative Cases Turn Into Positive In RT-PCR Testing

COVID-19 Negative Cases Turn Into Positive In RT-PCR Testing

NEW DELHI:  Every-one knows how the world is in the fear of COVID-19 pandemic. For the past four months, not only India but the entire globe is in lockdown suffering from COVID-19 fear, and now the wrong testing makes further fear.

A very high percentage of negative results in antigen tests for COVID-19 is turning out to be positive in RT-PCR testing. Mumbai shows that up to 65% of the symptomatic patients who had tested negative for the novel Coronavirus in antigen tests were later confirmed positive in RT-PCR testing.

In Delhi and Mumbai in-between June 18 to July 21 around, 15% of the symptomatic patients who had first tested negative were confirmed positive for the virus in the RT-PCR testing. Delhi has reported a significantly higher success rate on the false-negative cases in rapid antigen testing than Maharashtra using the RT- PCR testing method.

According to Union health ministry, during the rapid antigen testing over a 3.6 lakh sample has been tested in DELHI only 6% were found positive.2,294 patients who are tested negative and symptomatic re-tested using the RT-PCR method were found 15% of them are positive.

Tamil Nadu health secretary J Radhakrishnan said, “We have an adequate supply of RT-PCR kits and the facilities to run the test. So we have decided to stick to the most reliable test”. Dr PUmanath, Managing Director of the Tamil Nadu medical service stated that antigen testing could end up delaying invention because the incident of false-negative was too high. This is the reason behind the Tamil Nadu test every day around 50,000 people across 113 hospitals using the RT-PCR testing kit.

Conducting antigen tests on July 20, totaling a little over 8,500 samples till Friday, Bengaluru’s COVID -19 hotspot map has no analysis of the test results has been done so far, although there is a consensus among the healthcare professionals that antigen testing is not the correct indicator of the COVID-19 virus.

Rapid antigen testing has a lower sensitivity than the RT-PCR testing kit, but it gives you the result within one hour. That’s why these tests are used mainly for screening purposes. In Telangana, 60-70% of all COVID-19 testing is done using the rapid antigen test although they have no official data yet on the false case. Health professionals estimate that 7% of them go on test-positive in the RT-PCR method.

The false case becomes the headache for INDIA, let’s hope for the best. Slow and steady but win the race.


Article Written by SOMANATH SAHU

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