Covid 19 pandemic adds on to the woes of Visually impaired Music artists


The Covid-19 Pandemic has induced many difficult situations around the globe, making survival a challenge. Talking about a few visionless musicians who migrated to Dhenkanal district in hope of earning their breads from singing bhajans and playing music instruments has to face the wrath of this pandemic as they have totally lost their primary source of income that was coming from performing in different shows, events and cultural fests. Due to the pandemic the events are stopped resulting to their plight as they are unable to perform and earn money for their livelihood. WhatsApp Image 2021-10-23 at 1.08.49 PM(2)Master Papun Maharana, a native of Regeda Village under Dhenkanal Sadar Block created an organization five years back with other visionless artists who has migrated to here from different other districts. “Mahashakti drustihina seva sangha” they named it and they performed in different cultural events, shows etc not limited in the district but also garnered appreciation by performing in other districts too. Not only their talents paused there, they too started making candles, incense sticks, small paper bags etc which added to their income source, but unfortunately the effects of the covid-19 striked them hard and they are in hope that when the situation will be normal they will be able to perform again and also urged the district Adminstration and district Culture department to look into their plight.

Image Courtesy : Aman Ayushman Das

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