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Covid-19 to be detected by an AI-based voice test within a week

Covid-19 to be detected by an AI

Next week onward, BMC is set to start using a voice sampling method to diagnose Covid-19 at one of its jumbo facilities.

“We will use AI-based voice sampling in a pilot project covering 1000 patients, both suspected and confirmed, at our NESCO facility in Goregaon,” said Suresh Kakani- the municipal commissioner.

Some European nations including France and Italy used a voice analysis technique to detect Covid-19. A group of student from Navi Mumbai recently re-tuned their 2008 voice analytical program to suspect and detect Covid-19 patients .

“We will compare the voice analysis findings with RT-PCR results. It is non-invasive and can deliver results quickly,” said Kakani.

RT-PCR is a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and if the results show out as promised, then BMC will use it in several hospitals. RT-PCR results take about 24 hours to show while the new tests such as antigen test give outcome in just 30 minutes. However, the antibody test in private sectors quickly reveals if the patient has been exposed but there still has been a lot of debate regarding its efficiency.

The whole test involves an individual speaking into a smartphone or computer with the app which has been fine-tuned with the voice data of thousands of other patients with Covid-19. They will run the voice readings against its database and detect the difference in condition.

BMC has been proactively using different technologies and innovations in the safe and contacts less testing of patients and in fighting the battle against the novel coronavirus.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo.

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