Creative Initiatives in Odisha Spark Voter Engagement Ahead of Elections

This initiative was a smart decision, as seen by the fact that many people are benefiting from it


Voting is important in a large democratic nation like India since it not only provides the people with a holiday day but also with the opportunity to select representatives who will protect their interests and ensure their future. An election is scheduled for the next months in India, and it has been a difficult endeavour to educate people in these remote and impoverished places about their right to vote and the importance of doing so. But a few fresh concepts are presented in Odisha to begin this programme.


In an election year where the nation is experiencing a heat wave and elections are being treated like festivals, new initiatives and concepts are being used in Odisha to encourage people to vote. In an effort to increase voter interest in the election, a special awareness campaign was held in Rayagada. Handmade fans made of eco-friendly bamboo were adorned with the statement “I will cast my vote and my vote is my responsibility.”This idea not only raised awareness but also provided artists with a means of making some money. Under the direction of the Rayagada collector and the district election officer, Kalyana Sangammatitra Devi Sub Collector/Country Returning Officers supported this initiative to undertake an awareness campaign.


This initiative was a smart decision, as seen by the fact that many people are benefiting from it. For example, the fan manufacturers are making a solid living, and customers are buying handcrafted fans during the summer months since the slogans are eye-catching and, finally, take an environmentally friendly approach.


An example of this kind of creative arrangement was also observed in the Kandhamal district of Odisha, where the district administration had set up selfie stations, a rangoli competition in Baliguda, and a stage performance at Phulbani. This initiative is part of a larger, deliberate effort to increase voter engagement and education. These points are based on the sub collectors office’s tenets, and the selfie point’s slogan, “My vote, my rights again,” is particularly noteworthy for raising awareness among a large number of individuals.


At the Rangaloi competition, a respectable number of 80 girls from several schools formed a human chain to participate. Towards the conclusion, a stunning piece of sand artwork carrying the words “my vote, my right” was put up in the Ganjam district of Gopalpur Beach under the Sveep.

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