Cultivating Brilliance in Education: Gunupur University

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In the verdant landscapes of Odisha, nestled among the Eastern Ghats, stands an institution that embodies visionary education: GIET University. Founded in 1997 by the venerable Prof. (Dr) Satya Prakash Panda, this institution has grown from humble beginnings to become a beacon of transformative learning.


Dr. Satya Prakash Panda, a visionary and inveterate academician, dared to tread where few ventured. His brainchild, GIET University, emerged from the heart of Gunupur, a tribal hinterland in Odisha. It wasn’t just an educational institution; it became the catalyst for change in a neglected region, setting an example for all.

Dr. Panda, a humble Gandhian educationalist and philanthropist, embodies excellence in every facet of life. His multifaceted persona encompasses intellectual integrity, humanism, and an unwavering commitment to societal welfare. A true edu-entrepreneur, his open mind and generous spirit have touched millions, painting their lives with the colours of hope and opportunity.


GIET University isn’t merely a hub of academia; it’s a powerhouse of placements. Its relentless pursuit of quality education led to enduring partnerships with corporations, culminating in the prestigious “Best University in Eastern India” accolade at the Asia Education Summit 2020. The recognition symbolized the dedication and commitment of the institution under the guidance of Dr. Panda.


The GIET University campus, ensconced amidst nature’s tranquillity, is a testament to modernity and innovation. Driven by a vision to be globally recognized, the institution fosters academic excellence, technological prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit. It aims to mould students into global leaders and entrepreneurs, equipped to navigate the challenges of tomorrow’s world.


GIET University’s core ethos revolves around creating a dedicated workforce primed to shape future leaders. It champions education crafted to global standards, blending innovative teaching methodologies with cutting-edge technology. Embracing social responsibility, it uplifts meritorious students from tribal areas, empowering them to represent their communities on a global platform.

Dr. Satya Prakash Panda’s legacy extends beyond the institution’s walls. His unwavering commitment to excellence and societal development continues to shape GIET University’s trajectory. The institution, fueled by his vision, marches forward, bridging gaps, fostering talent, and nurturing leaders poised to make a difference in the world.


In the serene landscapes of Gunupur, GIET University stands not just as an educational edifice but as a testament to one man’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of education. Dr. Satya Prakash Panda’s indelible mark ensures that GIET University isn’t just a place of learning but a cradle of future global leaders, carrying forth a legacy of excellence and empowerment.


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