Current Updates on the Anand Toppo Murder Case

by Subhechcha Ganguly

International hockey player Birendra Lakra was questioned by Infocity police on Monday for over three hours regarding the death of Anand Toppo.

Anand, 28, was discovered dead in his flat on February 28 inside the jurisdiction of Infocity police, according to earlier sources. Only 10 days after his marriage was consummated was his body discovered in a hanging state. Anand’s father filed a police report accusing Lakra and another person of killing his son.

However, following the police’s delay, the deceased’s father pounded on the doors of the Orissa High Court.A few days ago, the High Court criticised the Commissionerate Police and asked them to submit the report within the next three months while hearing the case submitted by Anand’s father.Then, based on the FIR of Anand’s father, police called Lakra to appear for questioning in relation to the case.Additionally, the highest court mandated that the DCP for Bhubaneswar personally oversee the case’s investigation. In addition, the HC mandated that the Inspector-in-Charge of the Infocity Police Station be sent for training instead of being permitted to work in the field.

“Since Anand and Lakra shared an apartment, he was called in for a case-related interview to help with the investigation. We are interviewing them to learn more about their whereabouts and activities on the day of the occurrence, according to Additional DCP Prakash Chandra Pal of the Commissionerate Police.Additionally, Pal said, “We will question all other people who came into contact with him (Anand), including those who assisted him in moving and travelled from Jharsuguda.”

In the presence of the ADCP, ACP, and IO, Lakra was interrogated by the police for around three hours. Lakra remarked in response to inquiries from the media, “I answered all of the police’s queries. I will assist with the investigation and appear in front of the police upon request.

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