Cyber Fraud Rate High in the World, Amidst Pandemic!


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Amid the coronavirus scare, people can be seen clamped with fear of being trapped under the net of Cyber fraud. as during the pandemic cases of cyber fraud have increased rapidly due to change in working style.

According to an Interpol report, there has been a 350-fold surge in the number of cyber fraud cases in the world in the pandemic time. The only strong reason behind it is the swap in work culture, in a bid to contain the spread of deadly virus.

As per the #newnormal, now most of the people are doing their work with the help of internet and e-commerce websites. Taking note of this and making best use of the golden opportunity, the hackers are carrying out cyber fraud in ground-breaking  speed.

A huge population of the world has already been affected by it and more may fall into its deadly trap in near future, says reports.

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In such a horrifying situation, a big question arises that how can cyber fraud be avoided?

A small awareness and some tips will surely help you mend your ways out of the dark well of illegal activities:

Let’s have a quick check:

Temptations lead to manhole-

Hackers create psychological pressure on common people to do cyber fraud. In which, many times hackers try to trap you in their web by luring you with cash, gifts or any other benefits. If you come under these temptations and share the details of your bank accounts with them, then you are just a click away from the hackers and within a fraction of seconds your bank account will turn into an empty box.

Pop-up messages in windows-

The masterminds in hacking world often email people by creating fake company or organizations’ email ID through e-mail or pop-up. If you open these mails and you click on the link in it, all your details reach the hacker. Similarly, while working on Internet, a sudden pop-up appears on the side and asks you to update the laptop or any software. As soon as you click on it, all your data reaches the hacker. After which, they can do cyber fraud very easily.

Fraud calls, push one into grave-

During the Coronavirus period, most people’s salaries have been cut and some people have also lost their jobs. In such a situation, hackers have taken due advantage of the cash strapped by the people. As in general people always have some credit or loans in their name which they have paid and taking advantage of it the hackers have managed to create fake bank calls and have derived necessary bank account information from them.

 Exciting online offers, impossible to refrain-

Dependency on online mode for all needs have allowed hackers to tempt people with exciting offers like to winning a lucky draw or money by sending OR code on your mobile on behalf of Paytm or any other mobile wallet. As soon as you scan this OR code, all the money from your account disappears and you become a victim of cyber fraud.

 In past, Police officials in Maharashtra said “The state has registered 400 cybercrime cases against people who were using hate speech on the internet and giving a communal angle to the pandemic.”

People are merely falling into deadly graves created by these cyber frauds in post-lockdown period. Reports say there has also been an increase in banking fraud with cybercriminals targeting citizens with fake reactivations of their debit and credit cards, online bookings, free Covid-19 tests and foreign job offers.

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