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Delhi Toxic foam returns to the Yamuna, as lockdown eases

Delhi Toxic foam returns to the Yamuna

For the covid situation, we were reading positive stuff about nature reviving under the Coronavirus triggered lockdown across the globe. But now that the situation restrictions are easing and the government is allowing relaxations.

As the Central and Delhi governments allowed relaxation in curbs following two months of lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, pollution has returned rapidly to the Yamuna river courtyard as the toxic foam was found flowing on the river water at Okhla barrage.

This toxic foam is very harmful to the human body as well as for the animal, one of the fishermen, and local people said on Friday that toxic foam was visible on the waters since the past two weeks and the water level rising.

As the industrial activity was halted and less pollution in the city and no hospital garbage and other commercial activities slowed during the lockdown, the Yamuna river cleaned itself, Indian migratory birds such as Grey Heron, Ibis and Storks to flock near its waters and their hult place also.

Delhi  Pollution Control Committee declared that in Delhi, compared to the pre-lockdown days, the river was cleaner by around 33 per cent. Additionally, the committee found that the water improved further downstream of water level near Mathura. But since the lockdown was lifted in a phased manner from June 1, the clarity of the Yamuna water has also gone down during the lockdown period.

Another incident was witnessed during Chatth Puja last year when devotees were seen offering prayers standing knee-deep in the toxic foam on the Yamuna. As ANI statement, Jai Prakash, the Mayor of North Delhi Municipal Corporation said that it is true that the Yamuna water had become clean during the lockdown.

“We have to make a plan to clean the Yamuna If the pollution level has increased. If any responsibility is given to MCD, we will be happy to work to clean the Yamuna eagerly. We have to also see that industry operations should also be not disturbed,” he added. 

Nirmal Jain the Mayor of East Delhi Municipal Corporation, said, “It is the responsibility of the Delhi government and the society to clean the Yamuna river, but if they want and assign us some role for cleaning of the Yamuna river, we will welcome them.” (ANI)

Article Written By Sushree Sangeeta

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