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St Stephen’s College Demands To Vacate Hostels Or Pay Fine

St Stephen’s College Demands To Vacate Hostels Or Pay Fine

One of the most renowned colleges of Delhi, St Stephen’s College issued a notice on 25th July, asking its students to vacate their hostels or they will be penalised Rs 100 per day from 7th August till the College reopens

The Principal scarcely justified the decision by stating bluntly the need to vacate the rooms to make them ready for the next session, which is unlikely to begin before October. 

Undoubtedly, the informed decision has left the students in utter shock. Moreover, it would not be amiss to say the Universities have always turned a deaf ear to the plea of the students, regarding the furore for final year exams. Amid the upended world, this inept decision has added to the misery to the hostellers, who have already been struggling frantically to oscillate between their University’s exams and pave their viable path for the prospects. 

In response to the decision, Students’ Union society has written a letter to the authorities stating their evident inability to travel to Delhi and the various concerned regarding the same. 

The question surfaces as to why our educational institutions have been callous and indifferent to the health concerns of the students. Amid the raging pandemic, they have been seeking students to travel from distinct parts to the world to vacate their rooms even when the new sessions are not going to begin shortly. There is ostensibly a dire need of the hour for authorities to feel the plight of the students instead of forcibly imposing their decisions. 

By Yogita Malhotra

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