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Detained Under NSA Kafeel Khan Released From Jail

Detained Under NSA Kafeel Khan Released From Jail
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Last year UP doctor Kafeel Khan, who was detained under the National Security Act (NSA) for his speech during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), was released from the Mathura jail on Tuesday night.

The Uttar Pradesh government, instead of doing ‘Raj Dharma’ they were indulging in ‘Baal Hatth’ or childlike-stubbornness and framed him in another case, said Kafeel Khan after releasing last night.

Kafeel Khan said he will always remain thankful to all his well-wishers, who raised their voice for his release. The UP administration was not ready for release, but because of the prayers (duaa) of people, he has been released, he further added.

Because of the oxygen issue at BRD Medical College, he and his family had to face many hardships, Khan claimed.

The Allahabad High Court stated that Khan’s speech at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on December 10, 2019, did not promote any hatred or violence and released him on Tuesday morning.

The Allahabad High Court also said that Khans detention under the NSA on February 13 by the Aligarh district magistrate was illegal.

After the complete reading of the speech, the court said they find any threatens peace and tranquility of Aligarh’s city, and the address gives a call for national integrity and unity among the citizens.

The speech also deprecates any kind of violence, and it appears that the District Magistrate had selective reading and selective mention for few phrases from the speech ignoring its real intent, the court said.

The court passed the order on a petition filed by Khan’s mother, Nuzhat Parveen, that sought his release because Khan was granted bail by a competent court but wasn’t freed, and three days later, the NSA was invoked against him.

Since January 29 for his alleged provocative speech at the AMU, Khan was in jail, and his detention under the NSA was extended by three months on May 12 and then again on August 4 for three more months.

However, Kafeel Khan said now he wants to help flood-affected people in Bihar and Assam.

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