‘Determination Is The Biggest Key To Success In Anything In Life’ – In Conversation With Author Bruno Beaches


Bruno Beaches, an aspiring author who is a retired officer has a lot of experience. His books have termed a mark of the excellence of writing and story-telling.  Apart from writing, he plays the piano, loves gardening and has carried out a lot of DIY building projects in his spare time. He is a ‘people person and has always taken a keen interest in behavioural psychology and relationships.

His book ‘Till Death We Do Part’ is a story that scrutinises the impact of unfinished business, baggage, emotional damage, and lingering love. It balances heart-breaking loss with resilience, disorientation with hope, and desperation and bitterness with true enduring love and understanding. There is much insight into the reality of relationships and the frailty of the human psyche. It is told with immense depth of feeling, humour, and faith. Pablo is a hardworking, upstanding police officer, proud of his long marriage and lovely family. Through decades of quiet dedication and single-minded devotion, he has achieved the successes one strives for in life, both with his family and career. Close to retirement and to sitting back and enjoying the fruits of a successful career and marriage, a malicious spurious complaint at work should have no material consequences on his life, but it starts a domino effect, and before long he finds himself shockingly dismissed, divorced, without a home, and with a criminal record. This story explores a convoluted tragic journey of divorce, rich with emotion, loss, betrayal, revenge and confusion. Along the way, it explores the dynamics of what makes a relationship weak and vulnerable, or strong and resolute. It’s not a miserable story, but one of resilience, hope, and true love. It is told with an immense depth of feeling, insight, humour and faith, and there are many truly surprising twists and turns as the story unfolds.

Interview Times takes the opportunity to talk about his life and some writing tips for the millennium writers.

Tell us something about yourself – regarding schooling and your education.

I went through the normal education channels, except that my secondary school was a grammar school. I did go to university, but I dropped out because I was itching to get out into the real world to start carving my pathway in real life.

When did you think that you wanted to become a writer? How did that happen?

I have never thought about becoming a writer. However, whenever I have had to write anything, I have always taken great pride in making it focussed, interesting and in good English. I seem to be blessed with the ability to write well, and I have a keen sense of humour, which helps, but I never actually set out to become a writer. I simply started writing about my life because I felt that I wanted to share valuable lessons to maybe help others avoid the pain I went through.

To get new ideas many writers adopt different methods for themselves, so how do you get your ideas for writing?

In that sense, books one and two were easy because they were based on my life experiences. I only had to embellish my memories. I then wondered if I could also write fiction, and I had a go, inspired by the success of books one and two, and found that the ideas just flowed. I think it helps that I’m old and have seen a lot during my lifetime!

How did your first book or publishing your first book change your process of writing?

I now take more care with my writing because I had this preconceived idea that a publisher would change a lot of what I had written, and so to a degree, maybe I was therefore a bit lazy. In fact, they didn’t change anything, so now when I write, I have to remember that this is how the finished product will look, and make sure I’ve got it right!

Tell us about your favourite writers, favourite book or favourite genre. Any genre you want to work on?

George Orwell is my favourite author because he expresses such a clear incisive understanding of human nature. His stories are simple and fascinating but have such amazing insight.

Some so many young writers want to adapt to this career but often get confused and lost. Any words of advice for them?

Not much I’m afraid as I’m a beginner myself. I suppose that all I can say is that if you believe that you can write, write! And keep going. Determination is the biggest key to success in anything in life.

 How did this whole scenario of the pandemic change your life? Did any changes happen professionally and personally?

Yes, in my country where I work in care, I have been sacked because I won’t participate in a chemical experiment, so I hope now that I can make my income from writing instead.

 How do you handle criticism?

Not easily because I have a very high opinion of myself, and I am sensitive. Fortunately, my reviews have mostly been good to brilliant, so I can let go of the one or two poor ones quite easily. I learn much more from balanced thoughtful reviews.


Do you want your books to be on screen, let say in a Bollywood movie? If yes then which book do you want to see on screen and which actors do you want to be cast?

I think that My fictional books (3 and 4) would make great films but I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about Bollywood. I would love to have a cameo part though!

Tell us about your family.

My kids are all grown up with families of their own, and I am close to all of them. Family is the most important thing in life.


Your next project …. Tell us about that.

Two books are already published. The next two are in the pipeline for January and April 2022, so I spend a lot of time now promoting them, but when I do find time to write, I am working on a sequel to the first two books whose stories were unfinished business.

Article Written By Dikhya Mohanty

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