Devotees Celebrate Dola Purnima In Sri mandir With Holy Trinity

devotees in the Holy City of Puri are immersed in the spirit of Dol Purnima on this Monday,As the Holi will celebrate Tuesday in Odisha


Puri:  devotees in the Holy City of Puri are immersed in the spirit of Dol Purnima on Monday. The Holy Trinity of Srimandir – Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra – are adorned in their golden attire (Suna Besha) and sit on the Ratna Singhasan. They will then engage in the festival of colours with their devotees today. The three deities will arrive in their palanquins (Vimana) smeared in ‘Abir’ (coloured powder) today.



As per the schedule of rituals fixed by shree jagannth temple administration,The main doors of the temple were opened two and a half hours late at 5:30 am.



Following this, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayan smeared each other with ‘Abir’ following which devotees began celebrating Dol Purnima immersed in spiritualism. In Puri, the Dola Gobinda and Bhu Devi, representatives of the Holy Trinity of the Srimandir, will circumbulate the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.


The deities were then taken to dolo mandap and placed on the decorated swing there.They were worshiped on the swing with several rituals. And it was pointed that Dola utsav is celebrated for a week atleast, As per tradition, Holi will be observed across Odisha on Tuesday.



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