Dhenkanal Bara and Bara Dibasa


“Bara Dibasa” was celebrated in Dhenkanal on 7 April 2023 with great enthusiasm, joy and gaiety. By the efforts of Dhenkanal Conscious Citizen forum, on the first day of Baishakh Month of Sanatan Calendar “Bara Dibasa” was celebrated at the Town Hall in Dhenkanal where around 500 people of the town congregated there to celebrate the “Bara Dibas.”

Bharat Kumar Das, Secretary of Conscious Citizen forum said, ” Dhenkanal Bara is very famous, whenever any outsider come here, they crave for eating Bara. According to Sanatan Calender on the first day of Baishakh month the Bara Dibas is celebrated for the first time and around 500 people gathered here for the celebration and had Bara and aludum.”

The popularity of Dhenkanal bara is quite widespread and it has a distinct identity. The history of the celebrated Dhenkanal Bara is quite old. Today you will find many shops selling the delectable and scrumptious famous Bara of Dhenkanal in the town. Though Bara is a popular snack in our State but Dhenkanal Bara has its own identity.

The uniqueness of the delicious and mouth watering Dhenkanal famous Bara lies with its ingredients, Black gram, rice flour, curry leaves, onion, cumin, ginger, green chili are the main ingredients use to make it.

Bara is such a tiffin snack that is loved and enjoyed eating by all age groups from children, adults to elderly people. Today there are many stalls and shops in Dhenkanal town selling Bara and the price and size also differs from shop to shop.

Subhranshu Bhanja, a resident of Gandhi Mandir road in Dhenkanal town said,
“I had been enjoying Dhenkanal Bara from my childhood days. That time the price of Bara was something like 10-15 paise which is now costing rupees five to rupees seven in Dhenkanal. At that time Bikhyat Bara Shop was making a plate size 7” diameter Bara having a price tag of Re 1, It was famous in the town.”

“Although, I always had a strong liking for Dhenkanal Bara but I could realize how different and special it is only when I went out of Dhenkanal. I have travelled various places in and out of the state but I have never come across any Bara which as tasty, crispy and delicious as Dhenkanal Bara. Dhenkanal is famous for many reasons and Bara is one of them, hence we must celebrate “Bara Day,” he added.

The demand for GI tag of Dhenkanal Bara has been raised during the “Bara Dibasa” celebrations. Many people raised the issue that the GI tag should be given to Dhenkanal Bara soon. Proper efforts should be initiate to obtain the GI tag soon for the famous Dhenkanal Bara.

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