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“Do Not Misuse Sachin Tendulkar’s Name”: Lalchand Rajput Writes To MCA

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The chairman of the Cricket Improvement Committee (CIC) and the former Indian cricketer Lalchand Rajput writes to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA)’s Apex Council members that “do not misuse Sachin Tendulkar’s name” after a few members made references to the legendary batsman to have their ways.

According to The Indian Express report, 24 shortlisted candidates were up for an interview in front of the panel last week. Several of them misused Tendulkar’s name in the coach selection process.

Rajput wrote in his E-mail to MCA that, “everyone respect Sachin Tendulkar but his name is used unnecessary everywhere to put pressure that he has recommended X, Y and Z. If Sachin Tendulkar has to make any recommendations, he can directly talk to the president and CIC as we all know him very well.”

Tendulkar is an icon, everyone respects him, and Rajput has sure that if Tendulkar has any suggestions, he has every right to put his views across to them, said Rajput.

Amit Dani, a member of the MCA Apex Council, said that “convenors should be available in CIC meetings to avoid further misunderstandings.”

Rajput also added no misunderstanding between the secretary and the CEO as he spoke to both of them, and they are taking the candidates’ interviews. Dani should know the fact before he speaks.

Rajput also said that if anyone wants to know the names, he has got it with him but here he doesn’t want to reveal it because he is more mature than him.

Rajput added he will not stoop to his level and said now he knows why the Mumbai cricket is going down because being an apex council member, they can throw their weight around and get things done.

As a CIC, they will not allow these things to happen; that’s why the AGM has given a mandate to an independent committee to look after the cricketing matters, Rajput said. 

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