“Don’t have a problem to wear a bikini on the screen if the script demands”


Ragini, Actress.

She is known to be a familiar face in Ollywood, having featured in a dozen movies while regaling Tollywood with striking appearances in more than 50 flicks after starting from scratch.

Although she is a Bengali lass, her affection and aspiration are rooted in the Odia film industry. The svelte actress having earned her stripes in both Bengali and Odia movies is craving for success in Bollywood.

The Interview Times, Group Editor, Mr Dibyajit Sahu caught up with this high octane performer popular by the name of Ragini. She opens up on how severely the show business has been affected by the Covid pandemic and on the recent controversy sparked off on Apsara Rani‘s entry into Bollywood

How unfortunate is this pandemic for the film industry?

I think it has never happened to the human society at large in 1oo years of its golden history. Thereafter, you can talk about the Film Industry (Bollywood to Ollywood and others) where the damage is colossal. To some extent, I would say that rather the whole industry itself has come to its toes. Every single individual from spot boys to Actors to Directors to producers have lost the much required patience as the spike in COVID goes uncontrolled on daily basis without any respite from it. Therefore it’s not twofold, it’s awfully shocking.

Has the status quo of actors decimated during this crisis?

Actually, the answer is an obvious “yes”. You know there has been no shooting of promotions of films or commercials for more than 100 days which means incomes have gone on the downturn. As a result, having no option as an actor I have to cope with a new normal by cutting expenses of holidaying or staying deserts etc. Certainly, we have to maintain our lifestyle by doing physical exercise and having diet in a new avatar by indulging it not in a lavish way- let it be indoors at home. To me, yes it is sadly the truth of living in an extraordinary phase for anyone in this fraternity in their amazing career.

What’s your personal experience in dealing with this pandemic?

Look, I have now shifted to Mumbai to try my luck in Tinsel but in this virulent virus all projects have been stalled. Even nothing is going to happen sooner or later so waiting game is my normal course of action. I am keeping myself fit by doing a lot of stuffs like yoga, aerobic or dancing etc. Making in route to approaching directors or producers for big ticket entry in Bollywood hopefully after the COVID chapter comes to an end. Also, now I am into web series hence talks is on.

How do you think the Film Industry can win over CORONA?

At first it’s a battle for all and we have to defeat Corona together by any means whether by manufacturing vaccines or maintaining all norms of social distancing or using masks and sanitizing our hands at regular intervals.

On top of that, the state government has a bigger role to play in boosting the morale of our disheartening members in our fraternity as well producers have to take those members into confidence by standing with them in this pandemic. The way the Maharastra government led by Udhab Tackery issued advisory that every producers have to take care of their teams in this crunch time as well will pay up to Rs 50 lakh if any of their members of the film industry perished. Its fight should be fought together putting the concerned state government at the forefront.

Recently, one issue sparked severe controversy when the whole of your Film Industry capsized under unusual circumstances because of the virulent virus.The message is very clear of leading life in a survival mode.

Name: Ragini 

Height: 5.5

VST: 34.28.36  

Academic Qualification: Graduate in Mass Communications from Seth Anandam Jaipuria College, Kolkata


*Winner: 1st runner up at T2 Telegraph beauty Pageant 2011 for eastern India 

*Acting career: Cast in many films in Bengali, Odia and Telugu language as a lead actress 


1: ektuku chowa lage (debut ) ,2: swarnamudra, Bengali 

1: Gadbad, 2: Mu aka Tumara 3: Hari om Hari (guest) 4: Tume thile sathire 5: premi, Odia

1: Qayum Bhai, telegu 

2: Telugu Kannada 100 rupaya note

Recently did one Bengali short film.

*Now I’m working on one Bengali film 

*Dekha Hela prema Hela Odia film

Film Star Ragini: I have done 12 films

Ragini, Actress.

Apsara Rani, an Odia girl is set to be launched in Ram Gopal Varma’s ” Thriller” not because of acting skills but her bold show. What’s your take on this?

Ans- It’s normal. If a sequence demands for bikini, I don’t have any problem to wear it on screen. Let’s not be partial in judging her acting skills by what he or she wears. By the way, it depends on people to people. I won’t comment on this. By the way I don’t know her personally, just going through Mr. Varma’s tweet  I came to know all this- rather I wish her for a better career ahead.

Article Written By Dibyajit Sahu

Image Source: InterviewTimes

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