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DTU Students Protest March Seeks Fee Relaxation

DTU Students Protest March Seeks Fee Relaxation
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Perturbed by the critical notice of Delhi Technological University (DTU), a state University, Delhi, the students carried out a protest march in the campus on Friday demanding relaxation in fee payments as pandemic has resulted in their parents’ loss of jobs and pay cuts.

The students were allegedly asked to pay the massive number of annual fees by August 5, failing to do so they would be penalised for the late fee. As per the instructions, B.tech students have to pay Rs 1,90,000, while BBA and BA students have to pay Rs 90,000 by the same date.

However, according to the sources, the protestors did not even demand a fee exemption, and they only wanted to submit their fees in instalments or to be given more time for it. Moreover, some also objected on the unreasonable charges of sports and labs fees.

The punitory rules set by the University stoked the miseries of students; the penalised amount was set to Rs 2000 who offer the fee after August 5, and by August 13, Rs 5000 who pays by August 20, and who submits by later or by August 27 have to pay Rs 10,000. The worst for those who fail to pay will be struck off from the passing list.

Purportedly, a fourth-year student also stated, “As most of the students have gone home, around 20 of us participated in the protest, we were waiting for the administration meet us, but no one obliged.”

Astonishingly, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi has also distressed its students who have inevitably raised their voices regarding the issue.

It is no surprise to believe all the students pursuing their degrees in these colleges are not blue-bloods; it feels disheartened to witness how our institutions are indifferent to the economic predicament of the students by turning their backs, dismissing the plea of students, and issuing notice asking hefty amount.

In the upended country where the pandemic has hollowed out the pockets of people, people are strapped for cash; there is a dire need that the concerned authorities and institutions try to ally with the cause of their students and parents instead of nudging them into the abyss of financial and mental burdens.

Article written by Yogita Malhotra

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