Elon Musk claims he is unaware of Twitter removing footage from a BBC documentary


Musk informed the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of the UK during a live interview on Twitter Spaces, “I am not aware of this particular scenario… don’t know what exactly happened with some content situation in India. The prohibitions against posting on social media are “very tight, and we can’t go beyond the laws of the country,” he continued.

Speaking on the purchase of the microblogging platform, he claimed that the business is “basically breaking even” and blamed the cyclical nature of ad spending for the fall in revenue. Musk said purchasing Twitter “hasn’t been some kind of party” and added that the “pain level has been really high” in what is thought to be an unplanned interview.

The billionaire also acknowledged that following the acquisition, mistakes were made along the road, but he believes the company is now moving in the right direction. The platform now employs roughly 1,500 people, a significant decrease from the over 7,000 people employed there before he took over, he continued. Musk cited a “$3 billion negative cash flow crisis” as the justification for the mass layoffs, claiming that Twitter had just “four months to live.”

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