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In Conversation with Amitesh Shah, CEO of DA ONE GROUP



In numerous remote locations across India, the dream of multi-specialty sports training remains elusive for many sports enthusiasts. Taking progressive steps, DA ONE Sports is actively working towards making sports accessible from grassroots levels. Interview Times is delighted to engage in a one-on-one conversation with Amitesh Shah, the CEO of DA ONE Group. The DA ONE Group is the realisation of a dream for Indian cricketer and exceptionally talented individual Shikhar Dhawan. It operates with the tagline “Taking Brand Shikhar to Shikhar.”


Within the DA ONE Group, there are six verticals: the Shikhar Dhawan Foundation, DA ONE Sports, DA ONE CAPITAL, DA ONE HOSPITALITY, DA ONE ENTERTAINMENT, and DA ONE GLOBAL VENTURES. Let’s delve into the realm of DA ONE Sports and explore more about this venture.


Q1) Namaste, Amitesh Sir! We are delighted to have you on this platform and discuss DA ONE Sports. We learned about various interhouse school competitions where many kids participated. What age range is DA ONE Group targeting to initiate training for kids?

Ans: Yes, those representations were primarily of school kids. The boundless energy and vibrancy of kids are evident, and channeling it effectively is our aim. In the formative years of 3+ or 4, children possess extreme energy, and guiding it in the right direction becomes challenging. Through sports, children not only find direction but also develop essential skills and team spirit. While there’s no specific age to start learning, DA ONE Sports, now collaborating with several schools and institutions, employs well-trained coaches to work with kids from the age of 3+ or 4.


Q2) As the CEO of DA ONE Group, managing various verticals must be a challenge. How do you maintain equilibrium among them?

Ans: Experience plays a significant role in achieving that balance. Each vertical is supported by an efficient and well-trained team, ensuring smooth operations and serving their respective purposes. For DA ONE Sports, we have competent coaches responsible for individual sports.


Q3) Shikhar Dhawan is a prominent name in cricket. What prompted the idea for DA ONE Sports to encompass not only cricket but other sports as well?


Ans: Over the years, cricket has garnered immense audience love and interest. In many ways, other sports look up to cricket for global exposure, platforms, and facilities. The organic thought was to not limit ourselves to cricket but also include other sports. People’s interests in playing sports vary, and it’s fair to cater to diverse preferences and provide opportunities to learn different games.


Q4) Could you shed light on the in school programs conducted by DA ONE Sports?


Ans: DA ONE Sports has currently partnered with several schools. In the In School Programs, coaches engage with students in various sports. Over time, coaches identify students with exceptional potential and report to the school. These talented individuals are then groomed through camps, tournaments, and specialised facilities to enhance their skills and confidence in their chosen sport.


Q5) Are there any plans to take DA ONE Sports to the international level?


Ans: Currently, we have partnered with over 20 schools at the national level. While we have received offers to take DA ONE Sports to the international platform, we are evaluating our options. Our focus is on establishing a strong presence nationally, especially in regions where such facilities were previously unavailable.


Q6) Many initiatives share similar goals. What sets DA ONE Sports apart is its unique working atmosphere. Could you elaborate on that?


Ans: In all the verticals of the DA ONE Group, we prioritise professionalism and excellence. Our approach is serious, undertaken with a sense of responsibility. It’s not just a family and friends affair; our team comprises well-trained professionals with expertise in their respective fields. Leaders like Srisha Bhalle efficiently oversee DA ONE Sports, ensuring a high level of dedication and proficiency.



Exclusive content belongs to the Interview Times team. Copyrights to Amitesh Shah and Subhechcha Ganguly.


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