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term spirituality is consciousness. Spirituality is a science, and it is only our ignorance that causes us to ask why not


Guruji Sri Santha, whose benevolent presence has impacted the lives of innumerable people, is located at the centre of our community. He has emerged as a source of enlightenment for individuals looking for comfort and inner serenity because to his aura of wisdom and compassion. But when he goes on a noble journey of social labour that includes the entire community, his impact transcends the boundaries of spirituality.

Through a number of charity endeavours and organisations, he actively combats the serious problems that plague society. His efforts, which range from helping the homeless find shelter and food to fighting for the rights of disadvantaged kids to an education, are proof of his unshakable dedication to social welfare.

However, Guruji Sri Santha  also wins people’s hearts with his logical miracles that defy explanation in addition to his deep knowledge. His disciples watch in respectful astonishment as he controls reality to heal the ill, give hope to the despondent, and pull off feats beyond the boundaries of the possible. In spite of the air of wonder that surrounds him, the guru maintains his humility, pointing out that his abilities are only reflections of the limitless cosmic energy that influences every living thing. His lessons encourage his disciples to reflect inside and unlock the latent potential that resides in every human heart.

What is your definition of spirituality, and what role does it play in your life and the lives of your followers?

Spiritual apathy is impeding progress. A simple term with several definitions, spirituality should be interpreted broadly. Five components make up our body. The outer element, air, moves inside the four other elements while the four other elements act within limitations. When we anticipate something and do not receive it, sadness sets in. Our breath moves extremely slowly, yet spiritual force is contained in the air that enters or moves through the body, as well as in the air that receives movement in a rhythm or rhythm and mixes the five components appropriately.

How can you balance your faith’s or spiritual practice’s traditional teachings with modern society’s demands and values?

For a very long time, people have held the incorrect belief that religion and spirituality are not the same thing. Religion is something entirely separate, and spirituality has to do with a person’s spirit, which is also referred to as their soul. When spirituality, faith, and bhakti are joined in a progressive way, it is argued that there is nothing attitude-related, the science of the spiritual, the material science that we refer to as the social sciences, or the supernatural that we cannot see but only attempt to feel.

We may experience the strength of what we refer to as spiritual thinking or the unseen being from the level of the masculine to the superhuman. In the modern day, we are so consumed by materialism and the pursuit of things that we have many questions about realising the true nature of reality. In order to reconcile these two, we must first find stability inside ourselves.

How do you deal with scepticism or doubt among your followers while remaining open and accepting?

The scriptures claim that knowledge is necessary because, as a result of our ignorance, we are unable to distinguish between bhakti and faith. Why are we fidgety? With the help of our five senses—hands, body, head, mouth, and eyes—we may obtain the anointed material we seek.  It will activate, or “wake up,” what is known as the sixth sense, if the driver of the vehicle is correct. If the driver is correct, the vehicle will not have an accident, regardless of how expensive the vehicle is or how advanced its safety features are. If we can manage our senses or our intelligence, we shall go forward and arrive at our objective safely.

How do you see the relationship between science and spirituality, and how do you deal with potential conflicts?

There is no unique explanation or elaborate darbayasta behind it, so what to term spirituality is consciousness. Spirituality is a science, and it is only our ignorance that causes us to ask why not. The truth is that since every invention up to this point has its origins in the cow, we cannot deny that science was developed from the spiritual. However, since so many spiritual scriptures have been examined, we must acknowledge that literature—not science—is the origin of science. Literature is the mother of science.

When studying physics, his greatest discovery is the wheel—the idea of the wheel—and if we were Sanatan, I would take Dharma from a long time ago. Without the flower plane, none of this would have been developed. The root of all energy is a chakra, which Vishnu holds in his palm. If we have a wheel, we may move quickly within ourselves regardless of time, location, or distance. The wheel is incredibly versatile and contributes greatly to a lovely perspective on life.

Center has chakra power in the human body. Behind it is the 41st cycle of the human body, also known as the jeun tarjma, special drabyasta, or yaku. When we can understand the reasons behind our behaviour, judgement, culture, and practises, we will be able to admit all of these sciences with just one termological change—different words are now used that we previously referred to as chakras—which is why they claimed there is no such thing as medical science. Although spirituality hasn’t been defined, the phrases that were used to characterise it predate modern language. Based on the words used, the definition was established. The system of names has evolved because science has grown more globalised, making it easier for people throughout the world to understand; nonetheless, the meaning of the phrase has not changed.  Nothing is fixed in this concept; everything is changing. What we are doing is within the bounds of our limited understanding. evolving with the times, so we are compelled to acknowledge spirituality.

The male and female races are addressed in the scriptures. The annihilation of the male race will occur when he questions or doubts, and the destruction of the female race will occur when she is terrified or afraid. I, who? Who am I, where does spiritual understanding begin? Those who have doubts cannot travel far from the spiritual world to the spiritual if they have not studied the first-class material. Where is the route of life when there are uncertainties and fears? The Guru becomes dependant on understanding who I am, what I’m here for, and why I was formed until the second question is answered or the first question is taught. Why do folks who are in doubt ask these two inquiries to the Guru?

Rituals and ceremonies hold significance in various spiritual practices. Could you share one ritual that you find particularly meaningful and explain its significance?

Since our parents trained us to eat with our hands, this technique is necessary. We hold our right hand during rituals, worship, festivals, and other activities. One disabled person has a spoon in his leg that is clearly apparent. The rituals are the only kind of custom that exists. As we’ve seen, all rituals are required for human civilization to maintain the health of the human mind.

No one kind of worship may be favoured; all are equally necessary to give society a positive outlook. Why do we practise yoga, pranayama, exercise, and morning walks for the body’s development? The decline of the mind, which has grown by 50% over the years as the number of people with mental illness has increased, is really caused by the development of the body… mental stability Do nothing to stabilise the mentality, consciousness, or consciousness. Rituals, customs, and cultural practises have all been implemented to promote mental wellness. It’s time to return once again in order to practise and do all that our Rishi, Muni, and Manishi have described concerning the pujas, festivals, and processions in their writings.

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