Exclusive Interview with Author Renu Mangtani


How did you think of writing the book?

Journey as an Author started in the year 2020 when the nation-wide lockdown was declared and it is Super Fantabulous…. Let’s Dive to the Beautiful, Multitalented Unstoppable Versatile Girl’s Journey and she is none another than Ms. Renu Mangtani “The Banker by Profession and Author by Passion” who is recognised as Asia’s Top 30 Leading Woman Awardee as well as one of the Top 100 International Iconic Woman and not only that she is also a World Record Holder along with many uncountable achievement.

Talking about this Superb Journey I have Co-authored more than 25 books along with International certifications and participations and way to go and Compiled 6 books titled as Nothing is Impossible, Friendship, Gratitude to God, Life: A Colourful Journey, Series of Love(A Record Holding Anthology), My Identity is Unique & Special with 300 plus writers till now.I believe that Writing is always giving something best in return to society so I use each word as a power and express each unsaid emotion beautifullyand sets example for those who read it…She is one of the best example to the society by being Banker, Author, Teacher, Motivator and a Versatile Woman…  “Be the Shining Star of your life as your identity is unique and special”


How did the title of the book come up to your mind?


The Book was Pre launched on Amazon on June 02,2022 and the title was suggested by My Life Consultant and Coach “Mr Abhishaik Chitraans” (Numerologist & Counselor)“The Height of Life in 24 Rains” (An Inspirational AutoBiography) has been praised by the renowned celebrities and it’s also been placed in TOP 10 BOOKS in TIMES OF INDIA ALLAHABAD.It is reaching to the Superb heights…It’s all because the title of the book has been suggested by the calculation of Divine Science and the Cosmic Language of Numbers.Well, the Title plays the Vital Role for the book because it defines the suspense and the excitement for all the readers who wants to know what’s inside the book.

You are actively involved in the banking and financial sector as well. Tell us how you manage the time to pursue your hobbies ?


Well as Writing is my Passion and I manage and invest my quality time for the same which is round the clock like whenever I feel I have to write I portray my feelings situations and most importantly the lessons learnt from life in such a beautiful manner that whosoever will read it can feel and will flow into the beauty of words and Banking as a profession consists of my working hours from 10.30 am to 8 pm and travelling 2 hrs approx and family time and with all the roles and responsibilities makes me versatile in my own way.

Were there any difficulties in your path while writing the book ? Tell us about your experience.


Yes, I remember I started writing for my Inspirational Autobiography in the Month of March when it’s Yearly closing for Banks… Despite of the extended working hours I didn’t gave up and making the days and nights together I finished it off beautifully…It’s Life Journey of Banker, Author & The Celebrity Queen “Renu Mangtani”.Don’t Miss It…..

Finally what is your advise to young writers ?


If you Love to Write you should make a habit to read because reading is only the way to lead.Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are.

Interview by :Subhechcha Ganguly



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