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Extremely Upset With Dhoni And Tendulkar For Refusing DRS: Shashi Tharoor

Extremely upset with Dhoni and Tendulkar for refusing DRS
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Indian politician Shashi Tharoor was upset with Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni for not embracing the Decision Review System earlier. In 2008 during a Test series in Sri Lanka, India was the first team to use the DRS.

The former captain MS Dhoni opposed the idea. The DRS isn’t fooling proof and contained flaws, but India is the most prominent critic of that technology.

Shashi Tharoor said he had been an advocate of DRS from the start and huge fan of that technology, and he was extremely upset with Dhoni and Tendulkar for refusing it.

Tharoor told SportsKeeda in an interview that he watches cricket, and every time he has found that umpiring decisions hard did us, and he never understood why they were so allergic to DRS.

In 2016 during England’s tour of India, the BCCI finally decided to give the technology ago, and over the years, India would go on to embrace it whole-heartedly.

Shashi Tharoor was a former international diplomat, and he felt that India could have been quicker in opening up to DRS.

Tharoor explained that DRS is such a major innovation, and he never wants to see international cricket without DRS ever again.

DRS is so indispensable and eliminates so many bad decisions, and it creates an additional form of excitement for the viewer Tharoor added.

Tharoor also said that DRS adds an extra element of tension to the plot, and it is a most welcome addition as far as he is concerned.

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