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Facebook Employee Resigned Commenting Over Company On the Wrong Side Of History

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A Facebook Employee Resigned Commenting Over Company On the Wrong Side Of History on 8 September throng out at the companies’ policies and commented on the social media platform of being on the ‘wrong side of history’.

An outraged, 28-year-old software engineer Ashok Chandwaney quit the firm, saying, it was ‘profiting off hate’. “I’m quitting because I could no longer stomach contribute to an organization which is profiting off hate in the US and globally,”

Ashok Chandwaney, a Facebook employee, also highlighted Facebook’s content moderation decisions in the recent past civil rights advocates that pressurizing social media platform to control the hate speech and disinformation.

Facebook, has eventually taken down the event after the shooting, cited “operational mistake’ as the reason for delay of action.

“The actions which have taken are easy and could be interpreted as impactful because they makes look everything good, rather than impactful because they will make substantive change,” the employee wrote in the post.

However, Chandwaney commented, ‘every day ‘the looting starts, the shooting starts’ stays up is a day that we choose to minimize regulatory risk at the expense of the safety of Black, Indigenous, and people of colour.’

He added on regarding the violent hate groups and far-right militias out there who are using Facebook to recruit and radicalize people.

Facebook employees recently expressed outrage their anger over Facebook leaving up Trump’s claims regarding mail-in voting and a post suggesting voters should vote twice, and the company’s delay in taking down a “Kenosha Guard” group that posted a “call to arms” which Zuckerberg on later accepted was an “operational mistake.”

Facebook has been fired for its handling of civil rights and racial issues, with an employee filing a complain with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in July on behalf of Facebook’s Black employees.
This alleged the company has a practice of discriminating against Black employees.

Written by- Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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