Faith has no boundaries !



This story is about a 70 year old  from Rajasthan whose incredible journey to meet Lord Jagannath made us believe that ” Faith has no boundaries”.Ramhans Das Mina belongs from Khandeep in Gangpur of Rajasthan. He set out on his journey to Puri on April 29,2021 by foot. His journey has now reached 9 months and 14 days and he is still following his destination with a remarkable enthusiasm. Throughout the nine month journey Mina had oftened laid flat on ground offering his prayers to Lord Jagannath. What is most amazing is the fact that he does not have any person wants to ask for from Lord Jagannath. Ramhans Das Mina has said that he started this journey to meet Lord Jagannath in Puri and ask for the betterment of the Entire World. This story has made everyone across the Nation admire Ramhans Das Mina for his faith.

Story by Subhechcha Ganguly

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