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Fast Spread Of COVID Cases In Bihar Anguished Odisha

Fast Spread Of COVID Cases In Bihar Anguished Odisha
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Among the five states which are in pick with the Coronavirus cases, Bihar and Odisha are among the two states where the cases are growing very fast. With the most mediocre health infrastructure, the concern towards these cases is getting even more severe.

In terms of beds or quarantine places, these states are failing miserably to contain the spread of the virus. According to the reports among the 18 states and union territory, Andhra Pradesh followed by Bihar, Karnataka, Odisha and Kerela.

Within the past week, the daily average growth rate of cases was 9.3% for AP and 6.1% in Bihar. At the same time, the other states’ growth rate is 5% per day. Around 145to 400 hospital beds per lakh population are available in AP, Kerela and Karnataka.

But in Bihar, the arrangements of beds is less than 26 per lakh, and in Odisha, they have fewer than 56 per Lakh. The testing rates are also less in these two states wherein Bihar a mere four tests per 1000 persons are conducted, and in Odisha, the rate is 11 per 1000 persons.

These two states have already registered a vast number of cases, and with this low rate of testing, this is leading to continuing the spread like wildfire and a large number of undetected cases.

Fast Spread Of COVID Cases In Bihar Anguishes Odisha

Due to such a weak health infrastructure, this rapid growth of cases can lead to significant health crises, especially to the poor section of people. Even the death rate has also increased in both states. 

Nine districts in Odisha are growing at a rate than the state’s average in which 7 of them have over 500 cases. In Bihar, 13 areas out of 38 are growing with the fastest pace than the state average of 6.1% daily increase in cases.

Odisha government is trying their best to contain the virus and the community transmission also. The state has announced the guidelines and rules of Unlock 3.0 followed till 31st August.

Article Written by Dikhya Mohanty

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