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Finland confirms side effects of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine


There is side effects of the American Covid-19 vaccine Pfizer. The vaccine was introduced two days ago after the World Health Organization approved the vaccine for emergency use.

According to Yale Radio, the vaccination has been going on in Europe since December 28. Finnish chief physicist Maya Kaikone said five people had been vaccinated are getting side effects of it. So the problems people are suffering from due to drug reactions are kept confidential. The country’s media has not covered it in detail. The health department is expected to update about vaccine reactions on its website soon.

Meanwhile, infections are on the rise in the UK, the health ministry said. Some of the infected also have new strains. The health ministry has appealed to the public to strictly abide by the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the government. As the rate of infection has risen, so has the impact on health workers and healthcare in the country. “If the situation continues, it will be difficult to provide public health services,” he said.

Similarly, Covid’s new strain is no longer new to the United States. “There is no reason to panic,” said a spokesman. Four new strains were found in 31 samples. The strain is prevalent in Colorado, California, USA.

Image Source : CNN