Firebrand politics – Rudra Pratap Maharathy , MLA-Pipili

Encouraged by the citizens of my constituency, I took up the mantle to represent them as an MLA, supported by the Biju Janata Dal and under the guidance of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.


In today’s enlightening conversation, Interview Times had the privilege of delving into the journey and perspectives of Rudra Pratap Maharathy, a dynamic and youthful Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). His visionary leadership has breathed new life into democratic governance, serving as a beacon of hope and development for his constituents. With an unwavering commitment to serving the people, Rudra Pratap has carved a path of revolutionary change, redefining the role of a young and vibrant political leader.

What inspired you to pursue a political career and follow in your father’s footsteps?

I’ve always trodden a different path, initially dedicating seven years to a regular job. However, fate led me to a new chapter after the unfortunate demise of my father, Pradeep Maharathy. Encouraged by the citizens of my constituency, I took up the mantle to represent them as an MLA, supported by the Biju Janata Dal and under the guidance of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. It’s a journey rooted in public service, empowerment, and community development, especially for women, youth, and marginalized groups. My goal remains to elevate my constituency within Odisha.


Could you outline your priorities and strategies for addressing them?

 Certainly. The bedrock of my vision is holistic development, tailored to each area’s distinct needs. For instance, addressing the scarcity of drinking water in Delanga Block is paramount. A pipeline water project with a 98-crore budget is underway to benefit around 78 villages. We’re also focusing on enhancing road connectivity and modernizing educational facilities. The 5T initiative has already rejuvenated high schools, and we’re committed to extending this transformation. In the healthcare sector, ensuring doctor availability and seamless health centre operations are central. Personally monitoring staffing gaps is a key facet.


Balancing your father’s legacy with your unique perspective, how do you approach your role as an MLA?

Comparing myself to my illustrious father is a challenge, but I aim to bring my own vigour and dedication. I prefer direct interactions and spontaneous visits to offices, schools , health care centers ,colleges ,  engaging officials and constituents alike. My approach ensures that issues are addressed where people are comfortable, fostering an environment of open dialogue. As we transition through elections, nurturing new leadership within panchayats is a priority.


Engaging with diverse voices is vital. How do you plan to accomplish this?

 Diverse concerns demand tailored solutions. Each region, from panchayat to block, presents unique challenges. Meetings are strategically designed to address development prospects for various age groups, ensuring no voice is left unheard.


What challenges do you foresee as a young MLA, and how do you intend to overcome them?

Transparency and swift resolution are key aspects of my approach. Addressing longstanding issues, like the statewide electricity problem, remains pivotal. I tackle issues within my jurisdiction and collaborate with other departments when necessary. My efforts span parliamentary discussions, official correspondence, and direct dialogues with authorities. Ensuring housing for the underprivileged stands as a core goal.


Overcoming experienced opponents, how do you plan to secure electoral victories?

 In politics, merit supersedes age and experience. Immediate responsiveness to constituents’ needs is paramount. My emphasis on direct interactions and efficient issue resolution fosters a strong connection. Upholding the law is a guiding principle.


Pipili’s renowned appliqué work faces challenges. How do you intend to uplift livelihoods and preserve this heritage?

Pipili’s rich appliqué tradition is closely tied to Jagannath culture. I’ve personally engaged officials and advocated for this art form, both within the assembly and through direct interactions. Acknowledging the dependence of artisans on this craft, I’ve secured initiatives like a dedicated vending zone and a Skill Development Centre project. Pipili’s legacy deserves unwavering support, as it stands as a source of pride for both Odisha and India.



In Rudra Pratap Maharathy, we witness a young and dynamic leader who has not only embraced the legacy of his father but has also woven his distinct tapestry of visionary leadership. Through unwavering dedication, transparent governance, and a commitment to addressing his constituents’ concerns, he shines as a beacon of hope, a champion of empowerment, and a symbol of the positive potential of public service. Rudra Pratap’s journey embodies the spirit of trailblazing leadership, a testament to the transformative power that a young and vibrant MLA can bring to the realm of democratic administration.


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