First ever canopy bridge for monkeys constructed in Odisha!

by Akankshya Mahapatra

Ever heard about a bridge that is constructed just for monkeys? Odisha’s Sundargarh district has come up with such unique plan for wild tree animals.

Sundargarh’s Bonai Forest Division came forward to rescue small wild tree animals moving over roads leading through dense jungle.

The Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) in conjunction with Koira Forestry Authorities have constructed a special canopy bridge connecting towering, dense trees on either side of the road within the forest in the Koira area.

The canopy bridge is designed to prevent animals, particularly monkeys, squirrels and other arboreal creatures, from being hit off the road by the hundreds of trucks and other transport vehicles that circulate the roads in the iron- and manganese-rich mineral hatchery.

In the first phase, two such bridges have been installed in the jungle and after studying the benefits of the structure, more canopy bridges will be built by the Forest Service to ensure the protection of wild animals.

Increasing human encroachment and development activities in core forest areas have seriously violated the peaceful habitat of wild animals. It is therefore essential to initiate innovative measures such as covering the bridge to save the animals. It will give a natural feel to the animals being free to roam,” said Krushna Rout, environmentalist.

PK Rath, CGM, Rourkela Steel Plant, SAIL, said the eco-friendly hanging bridge will help monkeys climb trees from side to side with ease but without getting on the road.

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