Flipkart Trolled After Its Tells Customer In Nagaland That It Doesn’t Deliver Outside India

Flipkart -Trolled -After -Its -Tells -Customer -In -Nagaland -That -It -Doesn't -Deliver -Outside -India

Flipkart landed itself in trouble on social media after one of its service executives told the customer that the company can’t deliver goods in Nagaland as it doesn’t “deliver outside India.”

The response probably made erroneously as the company later realised its mistake and apologized.

By that time, Flipkart’s trouble already started with social media slamming company for its response to customer queries.

It was noted that Flipkart support page on Facebook asked why the company doesn’t deliver in Nagaland and why it treats states in the north-east differently by a customer in Nagaland.

Flipkart support replied: “Sorry to hear that. We appreciate your interest in shopping with us. However, sellers do not provide our services outside India”.

The company then realised the mistake and apologized. “We are extremely sorry about the inadvertent error earlier. We strive to ensure serviceability across the nation, including regions in Nagaland. We are happy to connect with you and provide currently available options.”

The exchange shared by Dimapur Today on its page, which drew comments from social media users.
One of them commented hilarious to the issue and said, “Too bad. That’s why geography is important and to be made compulsory in school education.”

Written By- Mousami Jena
Image Courtsey- Google

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