For the time being, the Calcutta High Court declines to recall the Abhishek Banerjee order


The Bengal administration was advised to quit being overly concerned with probes by the bench of justice Amrita Sinha, and now the Calcutta high court has taken a position on the two instances.The single judge’s judgement allowing the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) to interview TMC general secretary Abhishek Banerjee in the school recruitment matter was neither recalled or put on hold by the Calcutta High Court on Friday. The court also denied the West Bengal government’s request for review of a single-judge ruling ordering the CBI to look into suspected irregularities in recruitment in civic bodies in the state.

Days after Justice Amrita Sinha’s bench instructed the Bengal government to quit acting suspiciously about investigations and work with the agencies in the bribe-for-job case, the high court took a position on the two cases.”Abhishek Banerjee filed two requests to recall the April 13 order in which justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay recommended that Banerjee be questioned by the ED and CBI. He requested to join the case as a party in another application. The court declined to issue any temporary orders. On Monday, the subject will be heard once more, according to attorney Firdaus Shamim.Justice Gangopadhyay had earlier heard the case.In a previous petition to the Supreme Court, Abhishek Banerjee objected to Justice Gangopadhyay’s remarks during an interview with a television station.

The Calcutta High Court reallocated the cases involving the recruiting scandal to justice Amrita Sinha’s bench in accordance with the top court’s directives on April 28.This order was anticipated… Any person can be questioned by investigative agencies to learn the truth. He ought to assist the investigative authorities, the BJP’s Samik Bhattacharya said reporters.”After an accused claimed that he was being forced to frame Abhishek by the investigating authorities, Abhishek’s name was brought up in the case. By the same reasoning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ought to be questioned since Amit Shah recently claimed that the CBI compelled him to implicate Modi in a case under the UPA administration. Law ought to be the same for everyone, according to TMC spokesman Jay Prakash Majumdar.

Expelled TMC youth leader Kuntal Ghosh claims that central investigating agencies urged him to implicate Banerjee and other TMC officials in the recruitment case after he was detained by ED in the jobs issue.

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