“From Absenteeism to Employment Opportunities

How Bangalore University Graduate Sanjay Patra's Startup 'Hire An Hour' is Revolutionizing the Domestic Help Industry in Bhubaneswar and Beyond"


An aspirational businessman from Bhubaneswar named Sanjay Patra has always been driven to find solutions to challenges in the real world . He returned to his hometown with the goal of tackling the pervasive problem of domestic help absenteeism in residential and commercial sectors after earning his engineering degree from Bangalore University and getting job experience in many different places. Sanjay saw that many residents of his Bhubaneswar flat would get anxious if their usual maid failed to show up for work, and he realised that this was an issue that many other people shared.

Sanjay made the decision to resolve the situation on his own, drawing on his previous project experience dealing with employees.

In an apartment complex in Bhubaneswar, he began by offering on-demand cleaning services .After doing the necessary background checks, he hired maids and gave them the necessary training. He was shocked to see that individuals were prepared to pay these trained maids more than the going wage.

Sanjay, however, had to overcome a lot of obstacles. The voyage was challenging. But Sanjay remained resolute and faced each obstacle head-on, gaining stronger and learning from his mistakes.

With time, Sanjay broadened his concept and founded the application-based online market place “Hire An Hour,” which has now become a trademark. Within a 7 km radius, consumers may find and reserve maids, chefs, cleaners, careers, and drivers via the site. Hourly payments were made to the service providers, and the business model was successful.

When Lemon School of Entrepreneurship launched its famous “Innopreneurs-2022 Contest” in Nagpur in 2022, “Hire an Hour” was chosen as one of the top 25 businesses out of 3000 startups from within and outside of India. Sanjay felt more self-assured after this acknowledgment.

Aspiring business owners are now responsible for recruiting and training service providers at hub centres he is setting up all throughout the cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. A sustainable business model is created when the platform, hub centres, and service providers all share the money it generates.

Sanjay plans to extend the platform to additional Indian cities by 2024.

In addition to addressing the issue of domestic help absenteeism, Sanjay’s creative startup model

also helps local enterprises thrive and offers jobs for blue-collar people.

The goal of Sanjay’s plan is to address the problem of blue-collar employees moving to other states in search of jobs .According to him, his platform may provide a long-term answer by generating jobs in their home locations that would keep them near to their loved ones and communities. Sanjay is driven to popularise “Hire An Hour” in India and make a difference in the lives of both service providers and clients.

Sanjay, however, had to overcome several obstacles along the road. It was a challenging path, including everything from managing customer and service provider expectations to juggling financial difficulties and family obligations while maintaining his wealthy Dubai work. Sanjay overcame each obstacle head-on, learning from his mistakes and becoming more resilient in the process.

Sanjay is giving blue-collar employees and small business owners job possibilities as “Hire An Hour” grows in popularity. He is interested in setting up hub centres all throughout the cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, where prospective business owners are in charge of hiring, educating, and supervising the service providers. A sustainable business model is developed as a result of sharing the platform’s income among service providers, hub centres, and the platform itself.

“Hire An Hour” is expanding enormously thanks to unwavering tenacity and diligence. Sanjay anticipates expanding the platform to other Indian cities by 2024, bringing dependable and effective domestic support services to a bigger population.

Sanjay’s creative business approach not only addresses the issue of domestic help absenteeism, but also fosters local entrepreneurs and provides jobs for blue-collar employees.

Sanjay’s plan for “Hire An Hour” encompasses more than simply on-demand services. He wants to address the issue of blue-collar people leaving their home states in pursuit of jobs, where they often experience financial hardship and psychological suffering. He thinks that by generating jobs in their home towns and enabling them to remain close to their families and communities, his platform might could offer a long-term solution.

Contact Details : website – /http://www.hireanhour.com/

Toll free number – 8448449303

Mobile Number – 9040074748

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