From Feathers to Fortune: Mr . Devdatta Poultry Revolution with Gurukrupa Group

Breaking away from the traditional norms of seasonal production, Mr Debadattas ,  Gurukrupa Group embarked on a path less traveled.


S.B. Debadatta  journey from product consultant at Whirlpool to visionary founder of GurukrupaChicks to Chicken Group is a fascinating story of business acumen and compassionate leadership. As an accomplished businessman,  journey has been marked by a deep commitment to turning challenges into opportunities.  foray into poultry in the early 2000s not only demonstrates his strong business acumen, but also shows his deep desire to make a positive impact His decision to lean towards corporate world agriculture exhibits a visionary perspective that goes beyond profitability to overcome the socio-economic challenges faced by small and remote farmers .


At the helm of Gururupa Chicks to Chicken Group, Mr Debadatta has emerged as a beacon of innovation and resilience. His hands-on approach, from practical assistance, guidance and bold financial support to farmers, reflects a leader deeply invested in the success and well-being of those in his business ecosystem Mr Debadattas  commitment to ethical practices and transparency in the poultry industry sets him apart as a conscientious business luminary.


His visionary leadership not only established a thriving poultry empire but also provided a sustainable livelihood for the once cash-strapped Debadatta standing tall as a businessman who not only the success of the company n ‘the journey lies but the positive impact of compassionate leadership and innovation on employees has taken root. His story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and proof that it’s not just profit that really wins but living meaningful change


In the bustling world of business transformations, some stories stand out as inspiring tales of resilience and innovation. Debadatta   journey from being a product consultant at Whirlpool to becoming the visionary founder of Gurukrupa Group’s poultry empire is one such saga of entrepreneurial metamorphosis. In the early 2000s, Mr Debadatta decided to spread his wings beyond corporate corridors and venture into the challenging yet promising realm of poultry farming. His mission was not just to build a successful business but to uplift small and marginal farmers struggling to operate due to financial constraints and marketing hurdles.


Breaking away from the traditional norms of seasonal production, Mr Debadattas ,  Gurukrupa Group embarked on a path less traveled. Instead of limiting themselves to a few batches, they embraced a daily operational model, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities. Today, out of the 700 farmers associated with the firm, 200 have found prosperity under his guidance.


The heart of Gurukrupa Group’s operation lies in its commitment to the welfare of farmers. Mr Debadatta , having experienced the challenges faced by farmers who bought chicks for future profits, shifted the focus to providing comprehensive support. The company not only supplies chicks but also offers guidance, supervision, and a fixed sum in addition to market rates, ensuring a sustainable livelihood for farmers who adhere to their guidelines.



To dispel misconceptions about malpractices in the poultry industry, Gurukrupa Group emphasizes transparency and ethical practices. The company vehemently opposes the injection culture and instead focuses on providing the best nutrition for chicken development. High-quality food, including soybeans and nutrient-rich options, contributes to the growth of healthy chickens without the need for artificial enhancements. One of the distinguishing features of Gurukrupa Group is its state-of-the-art environment-controlled farm in Kuhudi . This farm, equipped with imported technology, ensures optimal conditions for chicken growth by regulating temperature and maintaining hygiene standards. This proactive approach not only safeguards the chickens from contamination but also protects them from potential illnesses.


Looking to the future, Gurukrupa Group is set to introduce its brand new HennyFresh chicken for the first time in Odisha. The company plans to expand its services by offering home delivery options, making it convenient for customers to place hygienic online orders for chicken. Despite facing challenges, including the impact of cyclones,  Mr Debadatta  and his team are committed to continuous improvement and seamless operations. Mr Devdatta transition from a corporate career to a poultry visionary exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship that thrives on innovation, compassion, and a commitment to positive change. Gurukrupa Group’s journey is not just a poultry success story; it’s a testament to the transformative power of dedication and a belief in creating a sustainable and supportive ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

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