From Forgotten Grain to Food Revolution: The Rise of Millets in the Agro Food Industry

The organisation works to optimise agricultural yields, increase soil health, and promote effective resource management through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive research.


Kalinga Agro-Food Industries is a prominent force in the agriculture business, dedicated to revolutionising the way we grow and manufacture food. Kalinga Agro-Food Industries Agro Company is dedicated to providing new solutions that boost output while minimising environmental impact. The organisation works to optimise agricultural yields, increase soil health, and promote effective resource management through cutting-edge technology and comprehensive research. Kalinga Agro-Food Industries  Agro Company develops agricultural communities by providing them with the skills and information they need to survive in a fast changing world through a broad variety of goods and services targeted to the needs of farmers globally. Agro Agricultural and Food Processing Company is on the cutting edge of providing the world’s expanding food requirements while also assuring environmental stewardship and supporting livelihoods of farmers .

By emphasising millets as a healthy and sustainable food source. Kalinga Agro-Food Industries Agro Industries works to return millets to modern diets with a thorough awareness of their nutritional worth and environmental advantages. The firm is creating revolutionary techniques and technologies to improve millet production, processing, and packaging via rigorous research and development.  Kalinga Agro-Food Industries Agro Industries not only provides a varied selection of delicious and healthful millet-based goods, but it also helps to preserve traditional agricultural practises and farmers’ lives.

Kalinga Agro-Food Industries is devoted to returning millets into the mainstream food industry, recognising their tremendous nutritional worth and environmental advantages. With a strong emphasis on sustainable agricultural practises, the firm collaborates directly with farmers to encourage millet growing, providing technical assistance and fair trade agreements. Kalinga Agro-Food Industries Millets Food Production Company uses cutting-edge processing processes to turn millets into a wide variety of nutritious and delectable food items. Kalinga Agro-Food Industries Millets Food Production Company is in the forefront of promoting millets as an important component of a healthy diet, benefiting both humans and the environment.

The chairman of the company Mr BK swain said that his mission is to promote odisha finger millets in global Market . And create recognition of odisha in world agricultural revolution





A highly nutritious, gluten-free grain that has been farmed for millennia. Millet is a nutritional powerhouse, including essential elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, and dietary fibre. Its simple digestion and gut-friendly qualities make it an excellent choice. Millet’s versatility has no boundaries, from cosy porridges to scrumptious breads, colourful salads, and tasty pilafs. Furthermore, it is an environmentally sustainable choice that uses less water. Accept millet’s rich cultural legacy from Africa and Asia. With this wonderful grain, you can improve digestion, lower your risk of heart disease, regulate your blood pressure, and manage your blood sugar levels. Improve your meals with millet now and discover a new world of wellbeing!

Health benefits of Millet

1: Nutrient-Rich

2: Digestive Health

3: Heart Health

4: Blood Sugar Management

5:Weight Management

6: Antioxidant Properties

7: Nutritional Support

 Those interested in agro farming can take advantage of this opportunity to try Organic Finger Millet: Empowering Odisha’s Hilly and Tribal Areas

Discover the Power of Organic Finger Millet in Odisha

We at Kalinga Agro-Food Industries are dedicated to growing organic finger millet in Odisha’s lovely hills and tribal regions. Our objective is to revolutionise millet farming with new technology, making it accessible and inexpensive to everybody.

Training program

Millet traing

Empowering Farmers Through Comprehensive Agricultural Training

Welcome to Kalinga Agro-Food Industries, where we are dedicated to providing comprehensive agricultural training that ensures farmers achieve optimal crop yields and minimize losses. Our three-month training program, conducted from June to September, covers all aspects of farming, from cultivation to harvesting.


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