From Foundations to Frontiers: : “A Construction Ascent into Politics”

Mr. Rajat is prepared to enter politics with a passion for serving the public


Mr. Rajat Patra is an exceptional individual who has made a lasting impression on the construction industry and beyond. His imaginative approach and matchless experience have elevated his firm to the top of the market as a renowned business leader in the construction sector.  He generously supports several NGOs and is actively involved in a number of charity endeavours. Whether it’s giving underprivileged children the chance to go to school or giving people in need access to necessary supplies

Mr. Rajat’s charitable donations have impacted the lives of vulnerable communities, bringing crucial resources to those in need and inspiring confidence wherever he goes by giving poor people the opportunity to pursue an education.

Mr. Rajat Patra’s ambitions are rather ambitious, as if being a wealthy businessman and a kind humanitarian weren’t enough. He is getting ready to enter politics, embracing the desire for improvement and change. Mr. Rajat Patra, who comes from a lower middle class family, used to chop jackfruit off trees and sell it in the market to get money.  Since he was young, he has had a business-minded mindset. He struggled a lot in his early years, but now that he is well-known and is aware of life’s challenges, he constantly lends a hand to those in need. Everybody in his village respects him much.

Mr. Rajat is prepared to enter politics with a passion for serving the public and a goal of bringing about constructive change on a larger scale. With the use of his expertise as a successful business leader,  Mr. Rajat desires to serve his community and assist the less fortunate.


What do you think about entering politics when it happens soon?

I am a participant in the party work and an active student of the Biju Janata Dal; yet, I have no idea what the future holds. I do this by adhering to the principles of Biju Babu and Naveen Babu. In order to serve the people in my constituency and RAGHUNATHPUR, I want to enter politics to help people .  I am a businessman, but I am also a politician who wants to assist his constituency , with his efforts and I respect  our esteemed  Chief Minister , Naveen Babu, and his initiatives.


What changes are you aiming to bring about in your constituency if you are elected as a member of the legislature?

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So as you can see, it relies on the party’s choice whether or not to give me a ticket to participate in the election. But apart  from election Whenever  I help people and see smiles on their faces, it truly makes me happy. If our Honorable cm Naveen Babu and the BJD party decide to give me a ticket, I will be extremely grateful and will put forth even more effort to serve our state and constituency. I will also make sure that I update people about the initiatives taken by our cm that will benefit the citizens with the support of the party.

I believe in God, and if he has made me capable of helping people, I will do that. Those who believe in God and his miracles must be aware that God gives quality to people, and I consider myself fortunate to have it. Whether I get a ticket for election or not is a different matter, but as a businessman, I always want to help people. I donate 20% of my income to the needy, which makes me happy.


How has COVID 19 affected your business, and how have you managed it?

Covid 19 had a significant impact on all industries and businesses, whether they were small or large, and I believe that big business suffered the most. I was one of those who faced many challenges during Covid 19, but I kept my determination and after much effort, I decided how to develop the business and how to manage everything. As for the future, all we are trying to do is to do well and maintain.


What challenges do you expect to face in a new field as you come from a well-respected businessman background and are now entering politics?

I am active in grassroots politics, so I am aware of the anticipation, expectation, and commitment.  I ran a political campaign in a panchayat at the local level, so I am aware of the requirements for a successful campaign. In today’s political climate, entering politics will be difficult if you don’t have a strong grasp of the financial aspect. I run a business, make money from it, and invest some of it in politics to help the needy .


How do you stay updated with the latest developments in your industry?

My company is in the construction industry, and I have been in this field for more than 25 years. As a result, I have a wealth of expertise and can easily keep up with all the advancements and developments. My native town of Raghunathpur is where the majority of the people know me, and they all appreciate my generosity and willingness to assist them.


Will you be able to effectively manage both your business and your political activities if you win the election and become a member of the legislature for a constituency?

Once you are given a title and responsibilities, it will be difficult to manage both. Many mla candidates are managing their businesses and their political campaigns, but it is a difficult task and eventually you will have to make a decision. For instance, in a constituency, there are several blocks, and within each block, there will be numerous voters and their departments. As a result, managing both will be extremely difficult, and in my opinion, you will have to make a decision.


One of the main issues in any state and constituency is education. As a candidate for the MLA, what steps would you take to improve education?

Education is a major problem; many candidates in politics are elected without having had a decent education or a degree, and they misuse their authority, which encourages corruption. If an educated candidate is elected, he or she would perform admirably.

I will do everything in my power to advance and develop education with new technology, as well as to promote business and industry that will benefit my constituency. With the support and initiative of our honourable cm. Naveen Babu, I will also inform people about the state-level initiatives and programmes for bettering education . . I’ll do all in the best interests to put the 5T principles into practise in the best possible way.


What business advise would you provide to young people considering starting their own firm?

Every parent wants their children to work, but I will advise them to start a business instead since the profit you will be getting from a business is far greater than you can obtain from a job. Therefore, I’ll advise you to put an emphasis on education because it’s crucial and because you don’t need a lot of money to launch a business—just your commitment and skills—instead.

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