German’s Top Animal surgeon wins hearts


A German surgeon was flown to Mumbai to perform surgery on a couple’s pet dog that was suffering from a heart disease that, if not treated in a timely manner, may have had fatal consequences. The dog was located in Juhu. Waffle’s cardiac problem was uncovered accidentally. Rani Raj Wankawalla’s mother was surprised by the little ball of fur. She noticed a “strange sound and sensation” in her hands when she first held him. The vet confirmed the illness when they took Waffle to the clinic.

According to Dr. Deepti Deshpande, a consulting veterinary cardiologist and anesthesiologist, the family was informed that the only option to fix it was to fly the dog to the UK for a surgery where a minimally invasive procedure would be performed. “If carried out in India, open cardiac surgery would be required. Such procedures have had limited effectiveness in India thus far “Waffle’s family was prepared to move him abroad, she said, but the Covid epidemic threw a wrench in their plans.

We recently met Dr. Matthias Frank, who claimed to have performed this surgery previously. In order to undertake open chest heart surgery, we thus decided to call him from Germany “Dr. Makarand Chousalkar, a participant in the treatment, said. “We anticipated that he wouldn’t live more than a year with this illness. Though he did. We made the decision to have the surgery when we realised that his situation was getting worse.” Waffle is still being its typical, mischievous self after four weeks of play.

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