Getting to the Skin of Success

Getting to the Skin of Success

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By Charan Singh

Dr Lita Mohapatra, MBBS, MM, MM, Fellowship in Aesthetic Cosmetologist Medicine(India/Australia) Founder Of Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt LTD.

When curiosity, coupled with passion defines your working style, success is destined to kiss your feet. Inspired by this mantra and shattering the glass ceiling in the patriarchal world, Dr Lita Mohapatra(Getting to the Skin of Success) embarked on a journey to unravel the mystery of stem cells for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. She has been astoundingly successful in her endeavor.

Dr Mohapatra(Getting to the Skin of Success), a double master’s from Sydney University Australia, stumbled upon a crossroads when she had to make a choice between studying medicine or aesthetic medicine and cosmetologist. Fascinated by the possibilities of the uncharted path, she chose cosmetology as her career.

The watershed moment came when she received a Full bright scholarship from the University of Newcastle Australia, to pursue her research interest in medicine and later on, in 2014, she(Getting to the Skin of Success) went on to receive another scholarship from the Australian government about studying aboriginal health.

Since then, Dr.Mohapatra has striven forward excellence culminating into establishing her own entrepreneurial venture Losjovens Clinilogic Pvt. Ltd.

Burning the midnight oil, she along with her team members are on the verge of achieving the rare feat of discovering a product through innovative techniques and operating on nanotechnology. This product caters to the people suffering from sagging skin, dark circles, wrinkles and patches on the face.

Ascending so many stages of success on the rungs of hard work and perseverance, Dr Mohaptra has earned many laurels for herself such as TIMES HEALTH ICON in July 2019, INDIA EXCELLENCE IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE in December 2019, INDIA EXCELLENCE AS WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR IN HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE in December 2019, TOP EMERGING WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR OF ODISHA BY KIIT TBI in February 2020, and TOP INSPIRING WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR in March 2020.

Fondly called as magician or multi-tasking doctor by her friends as she has accomplished the daunting task of being an entrepreneur in Odisha, Dr.Mohapatra(Getting to the Skin of Success) nurtures the vision of expanding the horizon of Clinilogic through franchise network in India as well as abroad.

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