“GM University : Navigating Academic Constellations”


At the helm of GM University stands the visionary leader, Prof. N. Nagaraju, weaving a tapestry of contemporary educational excellence. The institution’s heartbeat resonates with a commitment to the very essence of higher education, adorned with a focus on social relevance, skill mastery, and the holistic development of its cherished student community. Prof. Nagaraju unveils a grand 10-year Institutional Development Program, painting a picture where employability and practical skills take center stage. Research, collaborations, and initiatives dance hand in hand, choreographed with precision to groom the university’s graduates for the ever-evolving workforce. Plans for an incubation center and synergies with industry bodies echo the resounding commitment to nurture innovation, setting GM University apart as a cradle of creativity.

In this academic symphony, Prof. Nagaraju acknowledges the challenge of faculty recruitment, addressing it head-on with strategic measures to fortify the university’s academic backbone. The vision extends beyond campus borders, with higher education emerging as a key player in Odisha’s developmental overture. Aligned with primary and secondary education reforms, GM University’s impact resonates not just in lecture halls but as a catalyst for societal transformation and economic growth, a testament to Prof. Nagaraju’s dream of a flourishing Odisha led by the beacon of knowledge.

1. Could you illuminate the guiding constellations that navigate your university’s academic odyssey, encapsulating the overarching vision and mission that propel its journey?

Embarking on its scholarly saga, GM University, a phoenix rising from its collegiate origins, articulates its celestial vision and mission on the hallowed pages of our official website, sanctified by the syndicate’s approval. Aligned harmoniously with the zeitgeist of contemporary educational norms, our commitment is an unwavering beacon steering us towards the quintessence of higher education. This compass, meticulously calibrated, directs our academic pursuits, ensuring that each student’s trajectory transcends the ordinary, poised to navigate both the intellectual labyrinth of academia and the uncharted seas of post-educational endeavors.

2. What are the unique facets of your university’s academic tapestry and the scholastic offerings that adorn it, setting this institution as a luminary amidst the academic cosmos?

GM University, a tapestry woven with threads of a storied past, holds a cherished space in the soul of Western Odisha. It stands not merely as an educational haven but as a familial bond, with roots intertwining in the education of generations. The university’s commitment extends beyond the confines of traditional academia, embracing social relevance and skill development. Through partnerships, particularly with the councils of skill development, GM University emerges as a beacon of practical prowess. Guided by the wisdom of the Odisha State Higher Education Council, the institution orchestrates a symphony of holistic student development. Here, students don’t just accrue knowledge; they metamorphose into enlightened citizens, adorned with the cultural and linguistic tapestry that is the essence of Odisha.

3. What are your 360 degree views on the extra curriculum activities that you university offers to the students?

GM University fosters holistic student development by encouraging active participation in diverse activities throughout their academic programs. This approach aims to cultivate students into responsible citizens. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on preserving and promoting Odia culture and language. As a result, when a student graduates from GM University, they carry a deep connection to Odia culture and language, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond academic knowledge.

4. What specific priorities has your university outlined for the upcoming five years to enhance its academic standing and societal impact?
Our strength lies in the rich educational legacy since 1944, earning a prominent place in Western Odisha and the entire state. Over the next five years, GM University is prioritizing academic advancement and increased social impact. The university has devised a comprehensive 10-year Institutional Development Program, addressing various facets of potential growth. The primary emphasis is on enhancing employability and instilling practical skills in students. GM University is dedicated to ensuring that graduates are not merely job seekers but swiftly secure placements, reflecting our commitment to their success in the professional realm.

5. Skill Development and Placement has a integral part of any universities growth trajectory, hence forth the workforce for the future is ready. How is your university skilling the students?

The evolving workforce demands a strong emphasis on skills, transcending geographical boundaries. Recognizing this, GM University prioritizes skill development, housing dedicated centers for IT skills. Computer proficiency is a prerequisite for undergraduate students, aligning with the contemporary demands of the professional landscape. This foundational knowledge caters to the essential requirements. Furthermore, the courses pursued by students at GM University not only complement their skill set but also contribute significantly to preparing them for the diverse and international nature of the future workforce.

6. Can you shed light on the possible partnerships and collaborative ventures that your university has established to enrich the academic experience?

As a recently established university, GM University encountered initial challenges, but it has now achieved stability in the realm of research. Notably, the social sciences and humanities programs boast several ongoing projects, while the sciences department benefits from a jury center supported by the World Bank. Currently, the university hosts over 200 research scholars, reflecting the robust development of a research ecosystem. Students and faculty at GM University can comfortably engage in and pursue their research endeavors, indicative of the institution’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for academic inquiry.

7. What initiatives and support systems does your university offer to foster entrepreneurship and the growth of start-ups among students?

We have established a robust Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), fostering collaborative projects such as Bhimugoi studies. Additionally, our collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research has led to ongoing projects on our new campus. Partnering with local entities like Sambalpur Vastralaya and industries such as Aditya Birla further strengthens our initiatives. This diverse network of collaborations is integral to our university’s progression. Regarding diversity and inclusivity, we prioritize not only gender but also social backgrounds, including tribal and marginalized communities. Our commitment extends to welcoming students from different states, aligning with our status as a public university governed by the regulations of the Odisha government. I recently participated in a roundtable at the All India Vice-Chancellor’s Conference, where diversity and inclusivity were emphasized, reflecting our dedication to fostering an inclusive educational environment.

8. What are the key initiative you have taken in a personal level to merge you academic system with the industrial bodies to enrich the academia experience and its outcome?

Presently, our university is actively considering the establishment of an incubation center. With an MBA program focusing on finance and a dynamic School of Commerce, we are actively engaging in collaborations with diverse agencies and industries. A notable partnership is with Sambalpuri Vastralaya, a local hub for talent and industries. After consolidating our initiatives, the plan is to launch an incubation center. This center aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a platform for students and local talent to incubate and develop their ideas with the support of the university and industry partnerships.

9. What are the most significant challenges your university faces today and what measures are being taken to address them?

Amidst the academic tapestry, our university encounters a significant challenge akin to a cosmic ballet—the intricacies of staffing. A constellation of faculty, both regular and contractual, and the stardust of adjunct professors, currently graces our institution. However, the celestial dance propels us towards fortifying this constellation by enlisting additional regular faculty. This cosmic expansion seeks to infuse our academic sphere with vibrant energies, elevating the symphony of education to new cosmic heights. The quest is underway, a gravitational pull drawing in adept minds to contribute significantly to the diverse academic programs and initiatives at our venerable institution.

10. Could you please, share your vision for the future of higher education in Odisha? And how do you see the future of the education system in Odisha?

As I cast my gaze into the crystal ball of educational destiny, I envision the future of higher education in Odisha as a grand tapestry, interwoven with the threads of progress and wisdom. It is a vision bathed in the hues of optimism, akin to the sunrise after a celestial night. The government of Odisha, a guardian of this vision, diligently nurtures the seeds of primary and secondary education. Higher education, in this prophecy, emerges as the cornerstone, its pedagogical tendrils reaching deep into the soil of societal impact, employability, and economic growth. It is a symbiotic dance where the academia aligns harmoniously with the rhythm of a growing economy, contributing magnificently to the flourishing landscape of Odisha’s development.

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