Govt job portal can quell COVID induced job crisis

Govt job portal can quell COVID induced job crisis

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the Government Job Portal on July 27 for both the job seekers and the employers against the backdrop of this global pandemic.

Since its launch, the portal has received an outstanding response and by July 30, 7577 companies have advertised 204,785 job openings on the portal. And so far, about three lakh people have applied for the job as per their qualifications. The world is currently in the sixth month of the pandemic.

Covid-19 has shattered the world adversely beyond what any one of us could have imagined or prepared. The health infrastructure has collapsed, businesses are struggling to keep up and running, the economy is down, and the people are fighting the dilemma of surviving amidst the outburst of virus & fending for the family.

Every government has been fighting relentlessly on three fronts: public health, economy, and increased crimes due to the scarcity of jobs. Our national capital wasn’t different.

They were the first to witness the migration wave, the exponential increase of active cases to 25,000 after Maharashtra until the Home Ministry intervened and controlled the situation.

With the criticism of mohalla clinic failure, the Delhi government’s revenue collapse, hospital mismanagement, some serious questions were raised. The policies were doubted, and the people were genuinely terrified.

The hospitality sector, the factories, the neighbourhood shop everyone has been affected. In this mayhem, the mass migration of labourers from the metropolitan cities has created a workforce deficit in every industry, whether agricultural or production.

Along with it, thousands of accountants, salespeople, street vendors, skill workers, cleaning staff, etc. have been laid off their jobs due to the businesses closed in the lockdown, which has created an income deficit for families.

Delhi Government, amidst all the condemnation, did one thing appreciable; they recognized the co-existence of both the income and manpower deficits and realized the need for the hour, a government Job Portal.

“The portal will serve as a Rozgar Bazar for recruiters and job aspirants,” Kejriwal said while launching it on July 27. The companies who have lost workers due to the lockdown are overwhelmed by the initiative, while the people who lost their jobs miserably and had no idea where to look now have an option.

This will boost the economy and help to improve the plight of thousands of people struggling to meet their needs and decrease the crime rates in the capital. The process is simple; one has to apply on through their mobile number, where they will be asked to choose the job category.

One person can apply for multiple positions, and according to their merits, they get connected to the employers via phone or WhatsApp. No textbooks or the million google searches can give an answer or strategy to fight the various challenges the humans have created for themselves.

But the Delhi Government has steered us to believe that thinking out of the box, acting spontaneously to the difficulties with the good thoughtful plans and action could change the course of discourse to our favour. The world would never be the same again, but we can work together to make it better.

Article Written By Tushant Baranwal

Image Source: Google

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