Gross GST Collections In Odisha During March 2023 Second Highest Ever


Odisha had a 15.14% increase in gross GST revenue. Vs Rs. 4124.66 crore The state received Rs. 4749.02 crore in March 2023 in addition to the Tax collected in March 2022. The second-highest gross collection of all time was made with a gross of Rs. 4749.02 crore.

The amount of GST income collected in March 2023—that is, the OGST+IGST settlement—is reported as Rs 1977.45, which is 15.69% more than the amount collected in March 2022, when it was 1709.14 crore. For FY 2022–23, the state would keep a progressive collection of GST income of Rs. 18766.58 crore, a 14.48% increase over the Rs. 16392.24 crore it collected in FY 2021–22.

At a growth rate of 13.21%, the total VAT (Petrol & Liquor) collection in March 2023 increased from Rs 1693.53 crore to Rs 1917.29 crore. VAT would be gradually collected at a rate of Rs 11974.65 crore in FY 2022–23, which is 20.16% more than the Rs 9965.60 crore collected in FY 2021–22.

A total of Rs 31,158.33 crore was collected by the CT & GST Commissionerate in FY 2022–23 under all Acts (GST, VAT, profession tax, and ET), up from Rs 26756.18 crore in FY 2021–22, a rise of 16.45%. In comparison to March 2022, when 18.58 lakh waybills were created, March 2023 saw a total of 21.91 lakh waybills generated, representing a 17.93% increase.

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