Have an irregular sleep pattern! Must read this

by Priya Bharti

Gone are the days when people followed the “Early to bed and early to rise” routine. Nowadays, people are going against the rule of nature which is badly affecting the health and lifestyle of people. Almost every single person these days is busy with their own kind of pieces of stuff, and they have their own style of dealing with this stressful and competitive surrounding. And being engaged in all these they take rest for granted.

Taking a deep and quality sleep these days has become a dream of many people. A night of peaceful sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise as it determines how healthy you are, and irregular sleep can impact your well-being. Lack of sleep or irregular pattern could result in a health hazard and can also resist you from giving your 100 percent the whole day. You see, an ill or unhealthy person is advised to take maximum rest and sleep to recover well! And it’s proven that a night of quality sleep helps to cure mental and physical problems quickly.

Here are some tips for you to make you aware of the things that stop you from getting quality sleep and better health.


The truth about coffee and tea: Which is really better for your health? | Salon.com

Many people have a bad habit of taking tea or coffee right after their meals. It’s true that Tea/Coffee boosts your mood and energy immediately, it’s good to take tea/coffee in the morning or afternoon while working, but you should avoid the consumption of these at night because of the excessive presence of caffeine in tea /coffee can keep you awake whole night with a mild headache and constipation in the morning. If you love to have something sweet after dinner then you should go for chocolates for a better taste and enhancement in your sleep quality.

Citrus fruits

The Powerful Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits | The Whole U

One should stay 2 hands away from citrus fruits at night to avoid heartburn, as these fruits contain citrus acid which can disturb your stomach the whole night and the next morning as well.

Irregular Schedule

19 Smart Things to Try if You Can't Sleep | The Muse

Many people have a habit of working, studying, watching movies late at night, and in their enjoyment, they completely forgot about their health. Watching continually to the screen can prevent you from falling asleep. It’s good to work, study or watch movies once or twice a week at night but if you’re making this a habit then you’ll have to pay your health for this.

Eat at the right time

What is the best time to eat fruits in our daily life? Which types of fruits are avoided to eat at night? - Quora

The digestive system in our body has a process of digestion that takes some time. One should never eat right before sleep. The ideal time for dinner is 3-4 hours before going to bed. Walking after meals is also a good practice to keep you healthy.

Avoid the use of mobile as the last thing before sleep

If Your Phone Is The Last Thing You See Before You Sleep, You're In For Some Bad News

People these days have developed a habit of checking their cell phones from time to time they can’t even leave their cell phones even at night! This may be hazardous to health as mobile emits harmful radiations which is harmful to your eyes, physical and mental health as well.

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