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How can the Corona Virus affect the heart?


Although the Corona Virus disease is said to be limited to its power to affect the lungs, it has now been considered to affect the heart muscles. As the covid-19 affects the lungs functioning, it infects the heart muscles by an insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart muscles.

The corona virus invades blood vessels causing inflammation within them, leading to blood clots that can cause heart attacks. Clots throughout the body have been found in many Covid-19 patients. Blood thinners have been usually used during the treatment.

Dr. Sean Pinney of the University of Chicago said that people with heart disease are most at risk for virus-related damage to the heart.

A recent review in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology notes that evidence of heart involvement has been found in at least 25% of hospitalized corona virus patients. At some centers, the rate is 30% or higher. And some studies have found elevated enzyme levels and other signs suggesting heart damage even in patients with milder disease. It is not known whether that damage is permanent.

Dr. Tom Maddox, an American College of Cardiology board member, says it’s unclear if the virus can cause a normal heart to become dysfunctional. “There’s still so much we don’t know,” Maddox said.

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