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How can we boost our memory?


A strong memory is a very essential aspect of the life of kids as well as grown-ups. It helps us build our life skills and enrich our experience. A strong memory is not something we are born with but have cultivated in us with different strategies and exercises. The most common ones include :

  1. Meditation

Meditation means being present at the moment. The presence of mind can be achieved by staring at a candle, chanting , music etc. It not only makes you focus on life but also boost memory.

2. Exercise

Being physically active improves brain function by providing adequate amount of oxygen. It makes the brain to stay sharp. Exercising daily must be inculcated in the daily habits from childhood.

3. Colours

Our brain attention filters only a small portion of the billions of pieces of sensory information available every second. Colour is something that gets through this filter easily and thus should be used tactfully. Coloured images stay longer in the brain memory.

4. Nutrition

Having a wholesome diet can improve the functioning of the brain and prevent memory loss later in life. Foods rich in omega-3, antioxidants and flavonoids promote brain health.

5. Digital distancing

 Exposure to too much of digital media decreases our concentration level and the power to hold on to the information for a very long time. We should rather engage ourselves in outdoor activities or reading.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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