Huge Quantity Of Chemical Colours Raid On Shops In Bhubaneswar for ahead of holi festival

Bhubaneswar police carried out the raids at different shops in Unit-4 areas to ensure safe Holi celebration tomorrow and seized a huge quantity of hazardous or chemical colours being sold by the shop keepers.


Bhubaneswar: today seized a huge quantity of hazardous or chemical colours while conducting raid in different shops today ahead of holi festival in Bhubaneswar. The surprise raids of the police, which started from yesterday, are expected to continue till tomorrow.Meanwhile, the Commissionerate police has made elaborate security arrangements to maintain law and order during the festivity.



It was witnessed that  the police are also imposing fines on the shopkeepers for selling the banned materials. The shop keepers are also being advised to sell only organic or herbal colours.



Police has decided to set up static posts at 31 locations and deploy 15 platoons of police forces across the State Capital city in order to keep eye on the wrongdoers during the celebration. A Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) along with four Additional Deputy Commissioners of Police (ADCPs) and 8 Inspectors-in-Charge (IICs) have been put in charge of the security during the celebration of the festival of colours.


Bhubaneswar DCP Prateek Sing has warned that people will be arrested for drunk driving and passing comments on girls and women on the roads.Police also will take action against people arranging commercial parties on pretext of Holi celebration meanwhile,the commisonrate police has made available security arrengments to maintain law and orders.


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